25 Ways Bloggers Can Use the Hello Bar



Have you been introduced to the Hello Bar? If not, let me give you a quick overview of quite possibly the most glorious tool available to bloggers. By adding a simple snippet of code to your blog, you can have a nice little banner advertising just about whatever you want in a few minutes. Hello?!? It’s the Hello Bar!  Look at the top of my blog…Go ahead it won’t hurt. See where I’m advertising Buy My Books with a link to my Amazon author page? That right there is the Hello Bar in action. It’s a simple notification bar that draws your blog visitors to an important call to action.

The Hello Bar is used by some of the greatest bloggers on the planet including bestselling authors Tim Ferriss of 4-Hour Workweek and Jen Mann of People I Want to Punch in the Throat.

The Hello Bar is a great way to grab your reader’s attention. However, once you grab it, the text you put in the Hello Bar should encourage your visitors to click the link. The bar itself is completely customizable, giving you direct control over content, design elements, and completion events.

Here are 25 ways bloggers can use the Hello Bar:

  • Collect email addresses and build your subscriber list (THIS IS THE MOST UNIVERSAL USE AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE!)
  • Encourage visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed
  • Drive visitors to a specific page on your blog (i.e. Welcome or About)
  • Announce a contest or giveaway and encourage more entries
  • Share news and special events
  • Encourage downloads of a free eBook, recipe, or other document
  • Promote new blog posts
  • Drive traffic to seasonal posts
  • Share a special offer, coupon, or promo code
  • Market an affiliate program
  • Encourage follows on social media
  • Drive visitors to a post your have featured on another blog or website
  • Drive visitors to your Amazon author page or where to buy your books
  • Announce a new feature, series, or category
  • Promote your freelance services or products
  • Drive people to your Etsy site
  • Promote a GoFundMe, Kickstarter, or other campaign
  • Link to a specific video on YouTube
  • Encourage signups for your newsletter
  • Share an important message with your audience (e.g. vacation/time away)
  • Drive visitors to a survey or form
  • Ask for feedback on a new design or topic area
  • Announce upcoming webinars, Hangouts, or Twitter chats
  • Earn money on featured sponsors or advertisers
  • Highlight new partnerships with brands (ambassador) and the media

Do you use the Hello Bar? If so, in what ways have you used it?


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