5 Mom Truths I Realized After Watching Tidying Up With Marie Kondo


The New Year makes us all a little itchy. I like to put away the tree and take a deep breath and smile about the fact that I no longer have Christmas crap all over my house.


So, it was also the perfect time to be introduced to the new Netflix show, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. 

The first episode I watched was about a retired couple that needed to declutter their house and yes – it gave me satisfaction to watch this adorable older couple purge. 

But, I couldn’t help but think – where are the children in this tidying up scenario?

Where are the house of three children all who desperately want to save the trash they picked up out of the Wal-Mart parking lot because it sparked THEIR joy. 


Besides the fact that I want to literally put Marie Kondo in my pocket because of her adorable-ness, I’m calling BS on the fact that anyone “loves a mess.” Except maybe hoarders, but that’s a different show. 

The hit netflix show tidying up is popular, and here are some funny thoughts I had while watching Marie Kondo organize. 5 Mom Truths about tidying up that all moms will relate to. #momlife #tidyingup #organized #funny #humor #filterfreeparents

So, I decided to watch the Marie Kondo Tydying Up episode, Tidying with Toddlers and here are some mom truths I realized while watching. 

Toddlers don’t love tidying. 

This cute couple with two toddlers asked her how HER kids helped clean up. She said, that her kids watch her have so much fun tidying so they love to tidy too. Mmmmm. K. Well, I tidy all the freaking time. Like, all the time. And I’m pretty sure the only thing my kids have learned is that mom yells a lot

Laundry pisses everyone off.

This is the truest statement ever. The husband in this episode said that laundry pisses him off, and that they paid someone to do theirs. Well, yep. Laundry pisses everyone off, dude. It’s never ending, and it takes a lot of freaking time to fold.

While my heart goes pitter patter at the end when they show all those neatly organized drawers, I couldn’t help but wonder who has the time to pat down each individual shirt and love on it before they fold it and put it away? I have my kids put their laundry away, and it basically looks like a jumbled bowl of spaghetti in their pants drawers. 

Kids Literally Cherish Everything They Have.

The problem with the adorable statement from Marie to cherish what you have is that my kids literally cherish everything they have. The dolphin keychain that they won at the school carnival? Cherished. The broken watch that is missing its band? Cherished. The word search they did in 3rd grade? Cherished. So, yes – cherishing is a big deal to kids.

They cherish the hell out of literally everything. And, the tears that would ensue if I tried to get rid of those Cinderella gloves from Disneyland 8 years ago? Not worth it.

The Kids Don’t Always Spark Joy.

“Before kids, there was a little less frustration, a little less tension, a little more sleep.” 

This was my favorite obvious line from the show. When the husband said that before kids they had all those things. Well – yes. Of course. Because kids basically breed frustration, tension and no sleep.

I did appreciate how the couple came together for the sake of not losing their ever loving mind drowning in clutter, but the kids don’t always spark joy, Marie. So, what do you do then? If only there was a box for that. 

My Entire House Is A Junk Drawer.

That’s my quote – you can’t steal it. But, it’s oh. so. true. Marie talked about neatly boxing up all the miscellaneous stuff, but when you have kids, it totally feels like the miscellaneous stuff is the entire freaking house. A place for everything sounds nice, but let’s get real – can you really find a place for everything that sparks joy for your kids?

Because, all the things spark all the freaking joy. 

As much as I joke around about how unrealistic some aspects of the Tidying Up are, I have to admit – I kind of love it.

I love Marie. I love clean spaces. I love organization. And, I love dreaming about not living in a junk drawer for the rest of my life.

And, everyone in the show seems so calm and happy afterward that I even cleaned out my pants drawer yesterday and threw out all those pants that make me look like a can of biscuits exploded when I try to put them on. 

But, my leggings – oh man do those spark joy. So they are staying right where they belong.  

See what our own Meredith Masony says about Tidying up at her house: 

Tidying Up

Have you seen Tidying Up? Well, I have fallen in love and I wanted to take you around my house and let you know what does, and dosen't spark me joy. #TidyingUp #MarieKondo #BillsDoNotSparkMeJoy

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  1. I have two toddlers so I understand what I mess is. My kids cherish zero items. I read her books in the past, so I plan on doing her program. Our house won’t be spotless but I feel like it will help my sanity to have less things to put away and just less things in general.

  2. This sparks my joy so much. Love the show and the concept, however getting my nine year old son to get rid of things that do not spark my joy while they spark his just doesn’t work for me. There needs to be something in the show that tells us how to handle that.

  3. Well maybe if we « try » to be more calm and our kids are young because don’t try having them tidying up with them at 8 or 9 and they can’t play Fortnite…. 🙂
    I have a 13 year old and honestly she does not like tidying up but she watched a few episodes with me and now she wants to tydi up her room! Honestly she is super hyped we are scheduled to do her closet this weekend!
    There is hope people, there is hope!!!


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