6 Things Parents Said in the Dentist Waiting Room



I brought Aless for her first pediatric dentist appointment the other day and was greeted by a bright room filled with colorful mini-couches, toys, books and kids! Kids of all ages! Oh – and parents. Forgot to mention those pesky critters. Parents aren’t always on their best behavior, are they? It’s actually funny what you overhear while sitting in a waiting room. Here are some of the comments parents made while waiting for their kids to see the dentist:

  • No. You will not go out to the car and get your coat. It’s not cold in here. You need to suck it up. When you are in the dentist chair, the adrenaline will kick in and you’ll be hot. (YES, drill sergeant mom!)
  • What is taking so long? If I’m not back to work soon, I’m going to get fired. And then we’ll starve to death because we can’t depend on your deadbeat father. (Two words: Dr. Phil.)
  • (Parent on phone) I just told you, I don’t know how much longer we’ll be. I’m not a psychic. (Come on! You’re a mom. You’re half way there!)
  • Who dressed you? (laughing) You look like a sideshow act. (Really?? Do you really think a six-year-old knows what a sideshow act is?)
  • (Parent asking another parent) Is there a remote control so that we can switch this to the news or something? I watch cartoons at home all day long. (You are in a KIDS dentist office. You suck it up and watch the damn cartoons. And no, you can’t have your coat.)
  • It will be okay. It’s not going to hurt. (LIAR!)


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