Be Your Valentine! How to Spoil Yourself This Valentine’s Day



You’re always giving your loved ones your care, time, and love. The result is that sometimes you throw yourself onto the backburner and forget about your needs as well as having a bit of fun. Yes, you are allowed! In fact, this Valentine’s Day it’s time to put yourself at the top of the list (just for as long as it takes you to rush out and buy yourself something special).

When last did you spoil yourself? That long, huh? Although your spouse and kids will probably give you something special and sweet this Valentine’s Day, you can’t deny that sometimes the best gifts are the ones you choose for yourself, especially – and this is just between us – when it comes to lingerie and jewelry.

Lose Yourself in Lingerie 

Sure, a bottle of expensive champagne or delicious box of chocolates might sound like great gifts for yourself, but they’ll only last a day (max). Choose something that will give you joy for longer, such as beautiful lingerie in colors you love and soft fabrics. Forget about how lingerie is marketed to make you sexier. This is about feeling good about yourself. There’s no denying that pretty lingerie will make you feel like a goddess and it’s so pampering to know that underneath your tracksuit you’re wearing stunning lingerie – even if no one sees it. What a confidence boost!

Get a New Face

No, we’re definitely not talking about fillers or plastic surgery! Makeup is such fun and when last did you try something different with your look or even just update the products that you have in your makeup bag? Choose flirty and vibrant tones to help you achieve a flawlessly radiant face. Go one step further when buying makeup and book a makeover at the beauty counter! It’s a great way to feel gorgeous and is especially a must if you never get to wear much makeup other than a dab of concealer when you rush out of the house in the mornings. Makeup accentuates your stunning features, which is sure to put a smile on your gloss-coated lips.


Make it Timeless

Jewelry is a lovely idea for a gift to yourself this Valentine’s Day. However, when choosing a piece of jewelry, your focus should be on making it as timeless as possible by ensuring it fits in with your innate style, wardrobe as well as your lifestyle. A large, flashy bangle might get scuffed if you spend all day with the kids, but a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings are less likely to run into bad times and can be just as beautiful. You want to be able to enjoy the gift by getting lots of lovely wear out of it instead of keeping it packed away in your jewelry drawer, otherwise what’s the point?

You can also make the jewelry really meaningful, such as by choosing an item that matches your engagement or wedding ring with its metal or style. This is great because you’ll be adding another piece to go with your wedding jewelry set that will always remind you of the love you and your partner share, but simultaneously bring your current style into the mix – yes, your wedding jewelry can be fabulously updated!

Bring Home the Beauty

Your home should be your sanctuary and every mom should have at least one room where she feels she can kick back and relax. You could use this Valentine’s Day to start making that sanctuary possible, such as by purchasing pretty decor items or a fresh set of bedding that’s in a fun colour to make you feel happy whenever you see it. Another idea is to get delicious-smelling candles for the bedroom or bathroom that will give it a luxurious and pampering feeling. Little ideas like this go a long way to making you feel good, while giving you the opportunity to smile whenever you see the positive changes around you.  


Having a bit of pampering every now and then is important, especially when as a mother you’re always ready to pamper those around you at the drop of a hat. This Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to spoil yourself. Go on, you deserve it.


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