Before the Rooster Crows


Some of the weirdest conversations we have around here happen before the rooster crows. Maybe it’s the way our brains wake up. Or maybe we’re not really awake.

ME: Why do alligators have such a powerful bite? That seems unfair to the rest of the animal kingdom.

PONTILICIOUS: What? It’s 5:30 in the morning. I can’t answer something like that right now.

ME: No wonder they have been around since prehistoric times. They can eat a dump truck. And why do think dinosaurs existed?

PONTILICIOUS: I have no idea.

ME: Why would something so mean, aggressive and destructive be put on earth?

PONTILICIOUS: You’re looking at it all wrong. They were survivors. They were just trying to survive.

ME: They were unnecessarily big and assholes. It was uncalled for. I mean, why not oversized fluffy bunnies? Why did earth not consist of them instead of dinosaurs?

PONTILICIOUS: What is wrong with you?



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