Cheesy Crock Pot Corn


crock pot corn

Around this neck of the woods, veggies are not widely accepted. In fact, they are frowned upon, tossed to the floor and hidden in plant pots. They’re not popular with the crowd. In order to make sure everyone is getting their proper daily nutrition, I have to get really creative. One way I do this is with the addition of cheese. Cheese, like ketchup, seems to make everything better. And the cheesier, the happier the faces looking back. That always makes my day!

This Cheesy Crock Pot Corn recipe is super easy to make and sure to be a favorite with any picky eaters. You get the freshness of the corn, mixed with the creaminess of the different cheeses and butter. A hint of spices such as red pepper or paprika also gives this dish a nice flavor. Enjoy!






[gmc_recipe 4696]


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