Easy Candy Corn Cake Pops



Since childhood, I’ve had a love affair with candy corn! It’s my little bit of heaven on earth. Many of my friends and family, however, would rather eat raw liver than put a piece of this sweet treat in their mouths. Whether you like the taste and texture or not, there’s no denying that candy corn is a quintessential part of every Halloween. So get ready to jazz up your holiday with these Easy Candy Corn Cake Pops! There’s very little baking required, since all you need is a box cake, can of prepared frosting, and several colors of candy coating.

These fun little cake pops make a great addition to any Halloween party or school event. You can even mix things up and add candy eyes, whiskers made from licorice, or keep them as-is. The countdown to Halloween is underway. Are you ready?

[gmc_recipe 22884]


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