Easy Crock Pot Pork and Wild Rice Casserole


crock pot pork

I was absolutely pressed for time the other day when I realized I hadn’t taken the ground turkey out of the freezer that I was going to prepare for dinner. Oh no! All I had out was a pound of boneless pork cutlets and fully-cooked bacon slices. It was time to get creative! Having prepared several quick casseroles in the crock pot before, I decided to whip up an easy crock pot pork and wild rice casserole. It turned out delicious!

You can add any kind of vegetables you desire and use whatever condensed cream soups suit your fancy. I happened to have on hand condensed cream of chicken soup, although I would have preferred one can of condensed cream of celery. The recipe is posted below. Hope you enjoy it!



[gmc_recipe 3666]


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