My Favorite Pins of the Week: The Worst Inventions EVER



Digging through the playground known as Pinterest this week, I fell upon a pin that seriously had me questioning what the hell the so-called inventor was thinking. Which got me thinking, what other inventions would make my Worst Inventions EVER list? After spending a few hours digging through pin after endless pin, I’ve come up with seven that are sure to make you say, “What the nucking futts?” A couple I didn’t pin because I’m pregnant and they made me want to barf: bacon-flavored soda, exhaust-scented candles and a nostril cleaner that scrapes the boogers right out from your innards. Ewwwww!

Here are the ones I could reasonably stand…

I dunno. I’m on the fence about the invention known as the horizontal shower. On one hand, I want to be that chick in the picture. Desperately. On the other hand, doesn’t the downward force of a vertical shower clean you better? I mean, I like unsual and contemporary, but I also like my armpits and hoo haw to smell fresh. What do you think? Yay or no freakin’ way? Pinner Lady ILP says nooooooo.


This is every guy’s dream come true. Part Hummer, part sidepipes, part…wait. Is there are freakin’ mini satellite dish strapped onto the front?!?! I need to find me one of these! Pronto! Or not. I think MyDotComrade agrees – I think.


If I were a venture capitalist and someone approached me about funding this invention, I would tell them to go fly a kite in stormy weather. Umbrellashoes have to be on every Worst Inventions list known to man. Unless you’re Mary Freakin’ Poppins, these babies are pretty pointless. Denise Hiam shares my outrage.


Meet the Vaportini Liquor Inhaler – invented in a dormitory by a  bunch of heavily intoxicated, college frat guys. Supposedly it’s for those who want to get drunk without … uh … drinking. Durrr. Thanks to Brittany Olander for pinning such an outrageous getup.


I refuse to comment on THIS!


Fire Box Traps Pranksters … And Anyone Else Who Dares Report A Fire! <insert evil laugh> “Hang on! Hang on! We know the fire is right behind you, but we’re on our way!” Really? Do you think said reporter is going anywhere? Celisa Hardesty you’ve opened my eyes to a whole new level of stupidity!


Hey! We can’t all be artists! For those of us who just cannot stay between the lines, here’s a lipstick template to have us looking great in no time at all! And this is no joke. Great find Funomenia!



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