Finding Success as a Mommy Blogger


Recently I’ve been speaking with a handful of successful mommy (and daddy) bloggers about how they achieved building strong readership and, for lack of a better term, brand recognition. A theme has definitely emerged – each blogger found one thing that united or excited the people of their individual communities and ran with it. For a few, this was a special cause or charity they established. For others, it was an ongoing story centered around a specific theme, like moms who wear high heels, or topic, like adoption. Most started blogging without any intended purpose – they just wanted to share their crazy lives with others. They didn’t expect to achieve anything too significant and they certainly never thought they would be considered among the most influential bloggers in the world. It was that one thing that made all the difference – transforming each of them from unknown blogger to rock star blogger. Some did it in as little as a few months, others it took years. But each has achieved something great.

All of this chatter and excitement has caused me to reflect on my own mommy blogging efforts, which I began almost two months ago (not a first-time blogger). I’m not sure where I am going with this blog. I have no idea if it will be successful. Right now, it’s my writing outlet. Like the bloggers before me, I, too, enjoy talking about all the crazy things happening in my life and rather than drive my small network of Facebook friends batty, I post here. It’s also a great way for me to share my knowledge of being a social media consultant and online community manager, since both of these skills are necessary in the blogging world. Maybe that will be the one thing for me. Or maybe that one thing is something I have yet to discover. It’s like an open-end of possibilities.

What about you? Have you achieved significant awareness and readership with your blogging efforts? Or are you still waiting for that magical moment, that one thing that puts you on the radar? Does it even matter?


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