Five Easy Ideas For Self Care For Moms That Feel Like Running Away Forever


I do almost the exact same thing every day: wake up, pack lunches, get everyone ready and out the door, laundry, sports practice, dinner, homework, and bed.

It’s Groundhog Day, everyday.


My work doesn’t brain.

I am a free spirit who still craves order, just not too much order.

Some days, I obsessively think about those moms who just disappear to start a new life in Puerto Vallarta with a Latin lover and one of those water guns that dispenses tequila shots.

But, I only stay in this headspace for a minute, and then I remember that I have been given the responsibility to raise humans. And that even when I have days that I don’t really like them, I always love them. Also, my husband might break up with me if I move to Mexico with beautiful, tan Enrique and his six-pack abs, and I really do adore my husband.

So, what’s a gal to do when she needs a break? When she needs rest?

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this. While I’m sure it’s different for everyone, I would like to share with you my list of how I unwind. How I blow off steam and pull myself out of a funk.

Here are five ideas for self care for the mom that feels like running away


I get in my car, by muh-self, and BLAST old school rap music.

I’m talking 50 cent, JaRule, Nelly, Lil’ Kim, and my girl Missy.

I still know every line of every song, and somehow that makes me feel a little more sane. Like I haven’t completely lost my mind. I get it into it. Private concert, party of one. I don’t just sing every word, I perform every word. UN-EDITED!  Because, I need myself and the precious gentleman in his Corolla who is staring at me, to understand that I still know what’s up. It’s freeing to do something you wouldn’t be allowed to do with your kids around.

And being a mother-freakin’ rockstar in my minivan is all the release I can afford these days.

If you don't know how you could possibly practice self care as a mom, then think again. There are always easy ways to find a little self care time. Here are five easy ways to take care of yourself as a mom. #momlife #filterfreeparents #selfcare


It’s a novel concept in 2019. (See what I did there? And, my kids say I’m not funny!)

Putting myself in another world—another space—can be so refreshing. Getting out of my own head and into someone else’s is sometimes all the inspiration I need.

I don’t usually find that the same is true of movies or TV shows. Something about the screen and the mental checkout makes it…different. BUT, if you are not a reader, I do find similar solace in audio books and podcast.


I read a verse or two of the Bible and I lie down, close my eyes, and think about it. I love Jesus. I get a relaxing peace from resting in His Word.

But, if you aren’t totally sold on religion, allow me to share that I also reached a bit of a meditative state once in a yoga class and another time when I took a muscle relaxer with a glass of wine.

I’m not saying you should do drugs, I’m just saying there is probably something out there to calm you down while you search for your truth.

And if you ever want to explore Jesus, I’m here to chat.


I bet you thought I was going to talk about SEX! Sorry, sweet reader, not this time.

I’m talking about going on a bike ride, a walk, or chasing my kids around the yard. Something to get my body going and my heart racing. I want to remember that I’m alive, and that my body can be used for more than serving my family.

I want to go to the gym, but also, sometimes I really don’t.

Did you that there is FREE childcare at the YMCA?  And they don’t even have a maximum number of kids that you are allowed to bring?! Those poor, sweet fools!

This mama has been known to unload all five of my children into their kids room. Sometimes I will take a spin class where I work my tail off, sometimes I will walk suuuupppeeerr slow on the treadmill while watching “Grace and Frankie” on Netflix, and sometimes I will sit in the locker room and scroll through Insta. They don’t even care! Take my $50 a month, YMCA!

If you don't know how you could possibly practice self care as a mom, then think again. There are always easy ways to find a little self care time. Here are five easy ways to take care of yourself as a mom. #momlife #filterfreeparents #selfcare


Even if it’s months or years out, just thinking about the details can give me a mental break. Imagining what activities we would do, what kind of things we would see, and what new places we would eat— it makes me feel better. It is nice to have a goal, an end point, or even a daydream to get you to the other side of the mounds of laundry and teacher conferences.

Sometimes, planning imaginary trips you may never go on is a fun escape from the real world.

So far, we are committed in every way (except financially) to a trip to Disney, NYC, Spain, and a month in New Zealand.

I’m really putting a lot of stock in this writing thing becoming more lucrative, but I’m also looking into selling essential oils and recreational street drugs. (It’s hard to make a buck as a woman in today’s society, y’all!)

Either way, dream big, friends!

If these tips don’t pan out, and you end up running away to work at a resort and do body shots during your lunch break, I won’t judge you. But, please take lots of pictures and tell me all about it!

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