Five Summer Boredom Busters


This post is sponsored by Universal Yums subscription snack box.

Summer is here, and the one things parents loathe hearing is, “I’m bored!” They also can’t stand listening to, “She licked me!” Or, “Mommy watch this!” for the 18,000th time. So how do you keep kids busy when you forgot to sign up for camp? How can you keep your little angels out of trouble and from fighting 24/7?

Distractions and snacks. And of course a lot of summer fun!

When kids come from a packed school week to the glorious nonthingness of summer it’s hard for their little brains to unwind.

So here are five summer boredom busters to help you when they get tired of their tablets or too cool for the pool!

1. Field Trip Fridays

Each Friday we pick a place in our town, or somewhere relatively close like 45 minutes to an hour away, that we haven’t been to in a while. It could be a zoo, park, or museum, or could be something fun like a chocolate making class. We start by looking at coupons and Googling FREE activities in and around our area.
Think outside the box and remember, what may seem mundane to you is exciting for kids. Mine got super excited to see a snake skin on a nature walk this week. Good thing we didn’t see the snake. And snacks, don’t forget to pack the snacks.

2. Create Something Fun 

I know what you’re thinking, my tweens do not like making play dough or doing art crafts. Think again. We recently just made a batch of play dough and my kids (ages 7 & 10) played with it for two hours. And it lasted a week.
Slime is always good too! (Although it’s off limits in our house. #sorrynotsorry) As well as other fun science experiments or art projects. All you have to do is search Pinterest and you’ll find a treasure trove of art projects and other fun ideas!

3. Universal Yums 

What do your kids ask for five minutes after breakfast? Snacks. And what do they want at 9:15am? Snacks. And what do they want five minutes after dinner? SNACKS. Good thing for you there’s a snack subscription box for families called Universal Yums! It comes monthly in three different sizes and price points, and each month features snacks from a different country.

It’s fun to open with your family and rate each snack and read about each culture. Our girls love to bring out the Universal Yums snack box whenever they have their friends or cousins over. They think it’s so cool to see the unique and yummy foods from different continents!

This box pictured is just $25, but they have a smaller one for just $15 and a big one for $39.

What a perfect summer activity or gift idea!

4. Good Old-Fashioned Water Fight 

Never underestimate the power of a cheap sprinkler or water balloon fights. Go to good old Target and pick up a cheap sprinkler and they’ll run through it for hours. You can also do science experiments with water balloons! Will it sink or float? Which is easier to break, a full balloon or a smaller one?
Which hurts more when I throw it at your face? You get the picture.

5. Boredom Jar

When things get rough, make a boredom jar. Mine is a mason jar with tasks written on folded post-it notes. Inside I’ve written things like, “read a book”, “do I-ready on the computer”, “one page of workbook”, “ride your bike”, “go roller skating”, “use your swing set”, “bounce it out on the trampoline”, and “Legos”.
I’ve also added chores like clean the litterbox, brush the dog, vacuum mom’s car, and clean the baseboards. So mine have learned not to say I’m bored. Maybe yours will to!

I know sometimes during the summer it can feel hard to entertain our children, but it’s also a great time to rest. Slow down as a family, play board games, soak up the sun and each other, and just unwind a little with your Universal Yums monthly subscription box. Hope you all have a wonderful summer of playtime and snacks!




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