Homemade Garlic Toast


homemade garlic toast

I always thought you had to dine at a fine Italian restaurant or order take-out from the local pizza shop to get good garlic toast and breadsticks. It wasn’t until a few years ago when I was experimenting in the kitchen that I discovered homemade garlic toast could be thrown together in a matter of minutes and taste every bit as good as visiting a fine dining establishment. Call it one of my durrr, MUDD moments.

When paired with mouth-watering Lasagna Pontilicious or Crock Pot Chicken Delicious, this recipe for homemade garlic toast is sure to be a crowd pleaser. I opted to use the leftover Quick Cheddar Herb Bread we had from the other night, which gave the toast an intense flavor. You can also add any herbs or seasonings to compliment your main dish or meet the needs of your family. Enjoy!



[gmc_recipe 3304]


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