Homemade Italian Spice Blend for Lazy Cooking


If someone challenges you to spice up your life, take them very literally and tackle this Homemade Italian Spice Mix!

I love spice mixes. They are my favorite. I sprinkle them on my food, my hopes and dreams, and my enemies.

“Hey pal you seem a little salty, lets just fix you up with a savory blend” I say, before blowing a handful of powders and dried herbs in their face.

Homemade Italian Spice blend in a spoon- A lazy cook's secret weapon

Now I know you are probably thinking “Mandi, are you obsessed with spice blends!?” and to that I would say yes, yes I am and you can kindly take your judgement, sprinkle it with a homemade spice blend and shove it up your arse.

Now I am a total hot mess that is hopeless at recipes- which is funny because I frequently create the damn things. But I like to keep things simple. Instead of having a million different recipes and combinations for every little thing, I make my own basic spice blends and then customize from there as needed.

I’m pretty sure that many people the world over have fudged a recipe with whatever they had laying around and lived to tell the tale. I like to take this a step further by just trying to use the things I have on hand to make TONS of fuss free recipes.

With very few exceptions, you will rarely find me running out to the store to grab some last minute obscure ingredient unless I can figure out why I would need it more than once.

Why Homemade Spice Blends are Awesome

Having homemade spice blends on hand is SUPER handy for jazzing up pretty much anything.

I use homemade spice blends for sheet pan meals, making sauces and dressings, putting in cooking water to flavor grains; hell, you could even sprinkle a lil on your man if he needs improvement.


Homemade Italian Spice blend in a spoon- A lazy cook's secret weapon

Spice blends are cheap, easy to make and don’t contain tons of salt and sugar unless YOU put it there.

A Lazy Girl’s Secret Ingredient?

Now, I love Italian spice blend. It is one of my favorite lazy girl kitchen hacks.

My dirty little secret is to take all the fancy ass recipes I want to try that call for things like freshly picked sun kissed artisanal Rosemary (or whatever) and just use homemade Italian spice blend instead.

Before I started growing my own herbs, I never had the things I needed to make special recipes but what I did have- you guessed it, a big ass jar of Italian Spice blend!

And now with this recipe, you can have one too 😉

Homemade Italian Spice Blend

This seasoning blend is great to use for recipes that call for Italian spice blend… but at a fraction of the cost! Plus you made it with your own two hands! You capable, majestic creature!

Course Spice Blends
Prep Time 5 Minutes
Mason Jar
Homemade Italian Spice blend in a spoon- A lazy cook's secret weapon


  1. Take all ingredients and put in a jar or container. Shake well to combine. Shake prior to every use as the powders will settle.

Recipe Notes

-Ensure that you shake well prior to every use as the powders will settle.


What is your favorite spice blend? Let us know in the comments!


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