My Favorite Pins of the Week: Express Yourself


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Back in 1990, Madonna scored a major hit with her song Vogue. Not only was it a trendy and catchy tune, but it also inspired millions of people to express themselves, to “strike a pose, there’s nothing to it.” I remember looking in the mirror and shaking my hips while making a frame around my face with my hands. It probably looked really silly, but trust me, it was so vogue.

When Madonna encouraged people to let down their hair and go with the flow, I don’t think she ever envisioned what I discovered on Pinterest this week. Hoo boy. People are really taking the whole “express yourself” theme seriously. Maybe a little too seriously as in the case of Veggie Dude. Discovered on the board of Jayme Tooze, lettuce all take a moment to show we carrot and appreciate the artistic expression in this…crisp look.


It pains me to have to share this pin from, but no matter how you slice it, this guy is holey unique:


This guy makes me want to get up and do a jig! I’m pretty sure this must be where Arby’s got the idea for their curly fries! Thanks to Skysky102 for pinning all things crazy!


Alice is in Wonderland and I must be, too! Did the Joker escape? Is there a Lady Gaga concert tonight? No matter, kudos to this…person…for having the guts to totally symbolize what it means to be a walking quilt. And also thanks to Recipe Lovers for posting!


The NRA is now using this pin in all of their campaigns (not really). Doyle Armbrust, you know how to pick ’em!


AWWWW! Isn’t he adorable? Now this is what Madonna had in mind when she said to get out on the dance floor! Glad that you pinned it, Jaydan Craven!


Hope you enjoyed this edition of “My Favorite Pins of the Week.” Get out there and express yourself! Vogue!


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