My Favorite Pins of the Week: Weird & WTFish


Pinterest has been a little, ummm, off for me this week. During a recent blog hop, I followed a number of new, interesting peeps. Interesting, however, might be a huge understatement. In the days since I added these new accounts, my feed has gone from being a colorful display of Cosmo meets Louis Vuitton hooks up with to Night of the Living F**king Dead wants to take out Freddy Krueger in 30 different ways  – seriously. It’s been weird and WTFish to put it mildly. Other than to verify my blog and like and repin a few things, I’ve been terrified to log on. Kidding, obviously. It takes a lot to scare this mama of four. But, really. Check out some of what’s been passing through my Pinterest stream:

From Agne Krisciukaityte‘s board, I give you Candle leDecapitation (or some shit like that):

Also via Agne, it’s Santa Wants to Hurt You:

This dude, Nox Cadaver, has some great pins. One of my favs is pictured below. Marge Simpson’s sisters really DO exist?! Perhaps the best way to describe this pic is a comment left by Danielle Terrell: “All those bitches causing drama cause they know those grannies are more fabulous than they are. You know they don’t give a f**k”:

Does this really exist outside of the board of Heather Church? We may never know:

I think Nicola Rushton gets “it“:

Bill McBride must really like his bacon. Can you imagine bathing in this?

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