Parents Kiss Their Kids On The Lips In Support of David Beckham Because Newsflash – It’s Totally Normal


As if parenting isn’t hard enough, parenting in the spotlight like many celebrities have to has to be especially hard. This week, David Beckham, father of four, shared a sweet moment with his daughter, Harper, when he kissed her on the lips and snapped a photo sharing it to his Instagram. His caption: “Christmas is coming. Let’s go skate.” made me think, AWWW. How sweet. 


Because it IS sweet to see a dad having a special moment with his daughter, and even sweeter that a celebrity dad is willing to share that moment with his 50 million plus followers.

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Christmas is coming ?? Let’s go skate ??

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But, wait. In true eye rolling fashion, some of the internet lost it’s mind, and commenters had to go there.

Yep, commenters were criticizing Beckham for the affectionate moment between Daddy and Daughter.

Even Piers Morgan called it “weird” and says, “Who kisses their kids on the lips?” when discussing the picture on Good Morning Britain.

Well, Piers, lots of people do. I for one have never had that practice in my family, but I know many that do. And, no it’s not “creepy” it’s called love.

Many parents and other celebrities are clapping back in support of Beckham and sharing pictures of themselves kissing their own cute kiddos on the lips.

Singer Frankie Bridge included with her caption,

“I’ve always kissed my kids on the lips…and that will continue until they naturally don’t want to…just like it naturally happened with me and my parents and there’s and so on and so on…”

Because, really – isn’t the point, that we all show our affection to our children in different ways?

And, whose business is it anyway how we choose to do that? It’s called love, and affection, and I for one think that there is nothing sweeter than a Daddy that’s willing to be affectionate with his kids.

And, lots of parents feel the same way. In fact, one mom shared how she remembers when Victoria Beckham was criticized for the exact. same. thing.

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I first shared this picture when @victoriabeckham was told she shouldn’t be kissing her children on the lips. I’ll share it again now that @davidbeckham is under scrutiny for the same thing. Don’t be so ridiculous, the world needs to get a grip. Are people’s lives that warped they think kissing your own child on the lips shouldn’t be done?! Dear god. Previous post – I kiss my babies on the lips all the time! Why wouldn't I?! It's a sign of love and affection. Our picture might not be as beautiful as Victoria Beckham but it's honest and true! Keep kissing those babies, they're yours and you love them! #proudparent #kissing #delilahandmummy #victoriabeckham #davidbeckham #mybabies #children #view #opinions #theworldhasgonemad #family #givemeakiss #motherofdaughters #mamaofdrama #news

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Bikini_bound_mama shared how utterly ridiculous it is that we even think there is anything wrong with this as she shared her own photo of her kissing her daughter on the lips,

Don’t be so ridiculous, the world needs to get a grip. Are people’s lives that warped they think kissing your own child on the lips shouldn’t be done?!

Other parents are taking to social media and weighing in too with their adorable pictures and the hashtag #standwithbeckham. And the captions are right on point.

Jamie Day, writer at British Vogue decided to weigh in too with his caption,

“Woh there! A father kissing his daughter on the lips! So weird, right? Wrong.

“How such an innocent display of affection gets twisted says so much more about those who find it weird than it does about those of us who don’t think twice about showing affection to our children… Pucker up Edie!”

One Instagram user writes:

What is the world coming to when a Daddy is ridiculed for kissing his own children ? especially when it is specifically stated that it’s creepy because it’s the Dad.

And, honestly – we couldn’t agree more. A dad’s love is special, just like a mom’s and a dad who isn’t afraid for the entire world to see his love for his kids?

Well, that’s something worth celebrating.



  1. My daughter and I give a little peck on the lips. She is still little and I have never put a second thought into it. So, what’s wrong with it? Even her dad does it to. It’s not something forced, but a kiss. A peck. And a long hug. So, what’s wrong with this sign of affection? My dad showed me zero affection. I remember my first hug from him was when I graduated High School. I find that sad.


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