The CDC Has Released Some “Considerations” for When Schools Reopen, And I’m Worried.


The CDC has come out with some “considerations” for when schools reopen. You can find them here. These considerations are not to be confused with the scary sounding meme making the rounds right now on social media. 


Y’all. I’m going to be honest. I don’t know if I want my kids to go back to school where they are going to be forced to sit 6 ft apart from friends, eat lunch at their desks, have partitions between them all the time, and no field trips or volunteers.

I don’t see how sitting in their own little bubble or taped out square or whatever ridiculous contraption they come up with so they don’t have to touch their fellow students is going to be good for our kids.

In my school district, we have classrooms right now with 36 kids in them. That’s a lot. Yes. I honestly don’t love it.

But, it is what we’ve got going on in our district because of funding and enrollment, etc. But, they split up and change teachers, and carry their stuff from room to room.

The CDC is recommending against that now. How though? Where will the funding come from? Who is going to pay to make sure kids can stay with one teach all day and sit six feet apart, and not have their desks facing one another?

There are some things the CDC is suggesting that I just don’t know how school districts could possibly implement. Especially in lower economic areas.

But, here’s what worries me the most – that we are going to scare our kids.

That we will be instilling fear in them forever. Fear of germs. Fear of physical touch. Fear of physical proximity, even.

All the cleaning that will inevitably be suggested will fall on the students, because let’s be honest teachers have enough to do already. Young kids will be the ones sanitizing every time they touch a desk or a chair or whatever.

They will be wearing face masks and trying to learn social skills.

Tell me how a kid is supposed to learn how to interact with his peers in a hyper controlled environment when he can’t even see their mouth. Face expressions are everything. Smiles comfort.

Will the teachers look mad all the time to the kids? Because I’ll tell you that when I go out in public and can’t see people’s mouths – everyone just looks ticked all the time. We all have resting bitch face.

It is suggested that there be announcements over the PA system reminding them about Covid. Reminding them to wash their hands. Trust me CDC, our kids know. THEY KNOW.

They’ve been watching and worried too. Just like us.

They don’t need someone constantly reminding them that covid exists. All they will have to do is look around at their face covered schoolmates and they will remember.

One way walkways in the hallways?

I bet library time will be out. No more perusing books at your leisure that everyone else has touched.

I get that school is supposed to be about learning, but this will feel more like a prison for some kids. What if your friends don’t go to school on the same day as you anymore? What if you only get to see your friend from across the room, with a mask muffling his voice and his face expressions?

My heart breaks at the thought that this is what I might have to send my kids back to, and honestly I don’t know if I can do it.

I know some of you will proudly pipe up and say, “This is why I homeschool!”

Well, that’s great. Not everyone has the mental, or financial capacity to do that. I for one never wanted to homeschool. Never even considered it an option for me.

But, now? Now school seems like it will be scary for my kids. It won’t be a comfy place anymore that feels welcoming. It will feel sterile, and cold, and impersonal.

Y’all, I’m worried for the kids. Not just mine. But, all of them that are expected to adjust to this new normal.

Kids are resilient. But, there’s resiliency that they need to learn, and then there is the kind that doesn’t teach lessons they need.

That hardens them. Or scares them. Or makes them worried.

The kind that causes depression and anxiety.

I don’t know – I’m thinking out loud and throwing worst case scenarios out there, of course. I know there are good people putting a lot of time and energy and thought into this. But, I know there are a lot of people that will take these recommendations as gospel and that worries me.

I don’t want my kid sitting alone in a square on the playground shouting to his friends through a muffled sounding mask.

I know COVID is serious. I know social distancing is our new normal. Don’t come after me because you think I think it’s a hoax or not a real threat. I know better.

I was originally thinking maybe kids would just have to go to school with masks and I was trying to prep my kids for that even.

But school like this? I’m not sure any of us need this kind of resiliency in our lives. Especially not our kids.

The CDC has come out with some "considerations" for when schools reopen.Y'all. I'm going to be honest. I don't know if…

Posted by Perfection Pending by Meredith Ethington on Wednesday, May 20, 2020


  1. The comments on FB from this post crack me up.

    Tell me your memories of school procedures?

    Some people did Earthquake Drills, others Atomic Bomb drills, we have Active Shooter Drills. Polio. The Great Depression. Air raids and the like. My great uncle contracted polio twice as a child. He went on to run a fantastic factory where he also wore protective equipment.

    Why are we assuming every new and different experience will be traumatizing? Are we that fragile as a society?

    Are children never going to become adults that have to adhere to the safety protocols of jobs? Like, healthcare workers? Sanitation workers? Agricultural specialists? Fast food workers? Pilots? Chemical engineers?

    Don’t we model safety for children anyway? This IS maybe the ONE legitimate time where a lil fear is called survival and is A ok.

    And are we reading the solutions?

    Send Special Education Children back first. Because they often cannot wear masks and need hands on learning.

    Ok, but.

    When their specialist teachers, therapists, etc. contract and die from Covid because we opened without a vaccine will it be worth it that the kids went back early?

    Maybe they don’t die. Maybe they get so sick that they are just gone for the rest of the year with no replacement.

    What if they don’t get sick? But they are asymptotic and send it home to grandpa who picks up student everyday after school.

    And grandpa dies.

    And the single mom with the disabled student now has no family to rely on for assistance?

    I guess losing teachers, therapists, and staff that made these children’s routines would not be traumatizing. I mean – it’s just death. And, they’re just teachers. At least Johnny still gives me snuggles and kisses at night!

    Teachers are just humans. We’re just as vulnerable as anyone else. We are also not expendable.

    But nobody will be offering us hazard pay. Nor therapists.

    In fact, most people will probably hate us for thinking we’d deserve it. ????

    I mean, we have such a shortage of SLP’s kids already do tele therapy.

    Specialists don’t grow on trees. And if you haven’t noticed – some of the ones we trained died of Covid. It takes years of specialized schooling and lots of training and professional development to be a great teacher. Why would you settle for less for your child?

    Why would you want to risk your child losing such a highly specialized person who already voluntarily CHOSE to devote their lives to helping special needs students?

    I dunno. It’s all very confusing.

    It’s a hard place for every parent to be in right now.


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