We All Have Our “Quirks”


I think and do some weird shit. I admit it. For instance, I use K-cups twice. The second time around might yield a weaker cup of coffee, but I still get a good fix off a slightly used K-cup. Plus, it saves money. That’s always a good thing, right? Here are some other weird things I think and do, see if you can relate (and don’t be shy – comment and let us know!)…

I fold bath towels into rectangles. This started a few years ago when I was short on space and trying to fit our bath towels onto a certain shelf. The shelf was long but not very wide; hence the rectangular formation.

At night I sometimes walk a bit sideways, always checking my six o’clock for creepy creatures of the night. I’m quite serious. You never know when the Grudge girl is going to slide from the walls behind you.

Sometimes I overindulge in caffeine to the point where I am literally wired and singing, “Tiny bubbles” over and over and over again in different pitches – for hours.

I pick things up with my toes all of the time, even large, weighted objects. I don’t know if it’s just easier or if it’s because I often have Aless straddled to one hip and find myself one handed. Either way, I’m a human monkey. I have oversized big toes.

If you call me from a number I don’t recognize or it shows up “Private”, I will not answer. I do not like surprises.

Until recently, I though guacamole was lobster poop. I was told this so often as a child, I believed it and have refused to eat it for more than 37 years. How sad is that?

Every single morning I spend about 30 minutes doing what I call “spot cleaning”. If I don’t do this, I feel like I am living in an outhouse. OCD does strange things to people.

What are some of your quirks


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