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About Us


We are Filter Free Parents. Come as you are. We know you love your children. Let’s talk about the moments we hate. The moments we love. And everything in between. Because Parenting is Hard AF.


Become the trusted voice and community for every stage of parenthood.


Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the parenting space.

  • Community –  We provide community
  • Diversity – We offer diverse voices on parenting
  • Real – Providing a glimpse into real life for real parents
  • Relatable – We want parents to see themselves in our content
  • Light Hearted – We like to laugh with other parents and at ourselves
  • Integrity – We want to share an honest and realistic viewpoint on parenting
  • Passion – We are committed to help other parents feel less alone
  • Support – We believe in supporting all parents along their journey
  • Informed – We want to provide relevant parenting information