Eight Sweary Planners To Help You Get Through 2022


It’s a new year, and I don’t know about you, but I’m not feeling the inspiration to create a vision board the way I did back in 2019. So planning for 2022 feels so cliche. But, I thought maybe finding some realistic, sweary planners could get me inspired. 

Because right now? Hell, I don’t even feel inspired enough to dress up in anything fancier than sweatpants and an oversized flannel shirt to ring in the new year.

But that doesn’t mean that I won’t go perusing the planner aisle on Amazon to see if they have that that matches my mood because, let’s be real, shit still has to get done. 

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If you’re feeling like me, then you might also be the target audience for these eight,  hilarious sweary planners and mood adjusters.

Listen, I know they might not solve any problems, but they will sure as hell make you LOL and feel seen while you try to figure out exactly how bad 2022 is gonna get. 

Ready for some fun? Check these out these eight sweary planners we all need in our lives:

Carpe F*cking Diem Weekly Planner
$13.48 17-Month weekly calendar

This sweary and sarcastic weekly planner is filled with punchlines and even stickers for those among us who are dead inside but still have a sense of humor.

You know who you are. *Clicks add to cart*

Coordinator of the Shitshow Weekly Planner
$7.99 One year, daily calendar

This is for those who are still sweary but need to have something pretty to soften the hard edge of a good Eff Bomb.

Don’t worry, though, this planner comes with all the bells whistles you need to take control of your shitshow life and start organizing the crap out of your calendar.  

Baddass Affirmations 2022 Planner
$8.99 for a year of sassy, sweary weekly quotes

If you like to have a solid affirmation to center yourself and square your vibes to greet the day then this is definitely the weekly organizer for you.

You’ll get over 70 sassy, sweary affirmation quotes that will have you fist-pumping the air and ninja kicking the hamper over. F*ck, you’ll feel on top of the damn world. 

Pay the F*cking Bills 2022 Monthly Budget Planner
$7.99 12-month weekly budget planner

If you don’t give a shit about organizing your life but you do give a shit about paying the bills on time then this hilariously sweary budget planner is most definitely perfect.

Look! It even has flowers and shit!

All kidding aside, it includes a budget tracker and even a debt and savings trackers to help you create and stick to your financial goals for 2022. 

She Believed She Could So She F*cking Did Weekly Planner
$32.99 17-Month weekly planner

This planner is perfect for fierce moms who slay the shit out of their “Shit-To-Do” lists and leave a trail of other moms wondering how she gets it all done.

Or moms like me who aspire to be like that. LOL.

This planner has 17-months of planning space that includes plenty of writing space for jotting down notes and making those lists we all need to get through the day. Plus the swears a lovely bonus.

WTF Nifty Notes
$7.19 50 WTF sheets

If weekly planners are not your thing, but you still want something fun and cheeky to help your kick off the new year, try these fun WTF notes instead.

You can get creative and leave in public places like on the windshield of a car that is taking up two f*cking spaces in front of Target. 

Get Sh*t Done Coffee Mug

Sometimes you don’t need a planner, you just need a sh*t ton of coffee and a little motivation to attack your day. We kind of love this mug exactly for that purpose. 

Find Your F*cking Happy: A Journal to Help Pave the Way for Positive Sh*t Ahead

For folks who want to carve out a space to explore their feelings and ideas, there is nothing better than a fabulous journal.

We love this sweary affirmations journal that comes packed with writing prompts, hilarious quotes, and enough inspiration to make you want to quit doom scrolling online. Well, maybe. 



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