11 Hilarious Quotes From Kids Who Have It All Figured Out


Kid logic can be funny, silly or downright outrageous.

Here is a roundup of 11 quotes from kids who made observations that range from inspirational to absurd.


But according to these cuties…they’ve got life pretty much all figured out.

We’d love to hear your kid’s silliest thoughts and observations.  Share the funny things your kids say with Little Quotes by Little Folks. 

Little Quotes by Little Folks is a collection of funny, profound and just plain absurd quotes from kids around the world. It is illustrated by Jake Olson and edited by Rebecca Carter, Tia Levings and Sarah Webster Plitt.

For more information, visit www.littlequotesbook.com or follow on social: @littlequotesbook on Instagram & Facebook, @lilquotesbook on Twitter


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