Mom Spells Out Passive-Aggressive Message on Toddler Lunch Plate; Internet (Over)Reacts


Can we all agree that not every creator on TikTok (or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) is for everyone? I sometimes think that the world would be a much less aggressively reactive place to live in if folks would learn to just keep scrolling when they see things they don’t like.


But alas, it’s 2022, and we’re surrounded by angry people just itching to complain. 

One mom on TikTok shared a ten-second video of serving her toddler daughter lunch. Seems pretty innocent, right? But when you look at the tray, the food is aligned in such a way to spell out “u piss me off.”

And BOOM! The internet went and got its panties in a big old bunch over it.


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? Packs and Potions – HAZEY

The video was originally posted in 2021, but it’s gone viral again.

So far, it has been viewed 36 million times and the heart button has been smashed 5.1 million times.

But the comments, all 56.9K of them, are mostly uptight, sanctimonious parents who feel personally offended and outraged that this TikTok creator would have a little fun and post a joke. 

Because, y’all, it’s JUST. A. JOKE.

By the looks of this child, she is not old enough to read yet.

The mother isn’t talking to her daughter, she’s hilariously venting to other parents who are in the trenches with her. 

But if you want a fun time, come sit at this table with me and this commenter who wrote, “Literally here for the Karens and was not disappointed.”

Image of text from a TikTok comment.

The “Karens” seem to think that this child can read, as noted by one commenter who immediately called them out, writing, “Why is everyone acting like this 2 YEAR OLD can read what it says?”

Image of text from a TikTok comment.

But in all seriousness, we really should be more concerned, though.

As this commenter points out, the fact that this child can’t read doesn’t matter. How dare that mother have a sense of humor!? The nerve. 

Image of text from a TikTok comment.

Allegedly, there are more comments making claims that this “horrible” mother is giving her child “future trauma,” but we suspect that those comments have been deleted.

In their place are hilarious responses, like this one from a therapist who wrote,

“Therapist here. No one has ever ended up on my couch over passive-aggressive potatoes as a toddler. I’m sure she’s ok.”

Image of text from a TikTok comment.

Listen, parenting is hard AF.

Not only are we trying to keep our kids fed, sheltered, clothed, and entertained (so we can get shit done!) but we also each try to love our kids unconditionally.

And that’s the tricky part, because how do you constantly show love when you sometimes feel like pulling your own hair out at how frustrating, scary, and downright difficult raising kids can be?

Sure, you can love your child Pluto and back, but you’re still a person who needs room to breathe.

Sometimes getting through the aggravating moments in parenting means cracking inappropriate jokes. But as long as those jokes are directed to the right place i.e. other parents and not your kids, then who the hell cares if you spell out passive-aggressive commentary using frozen chicken nuggets or alphabet potatoes? 

As a mom, I watched that video abut 600 times and cried laughing because not only do I wish I had thought of it first (c’mon, that’s comedy gold!) but I can totally see why the joke is so effective.

She got her annoyance out without hurting her kid in the process and she did it while making us all laugh. 

After all, laughter is medicine, and frankly, we could use more of it. 

Well done, @emma_moonbeam!


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