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Sarah Cottrell is a Maine based freelance journalist and lifestyle writer. Her work has been featured on VICE Tonic, New York Magazine, Washington Post, and has been included in seven anthologies including the New York Times bestselling series, I Still Just Want to Pee Alone. Check out her work at sarahcottrellfreelance.com.
woman with book helping her child with homework

The Secret To Raising Successful Kids? One Woman Claims To Have The Answer

If there is one thing about the parenting world that I cannot stand, it's when holier-than-thou parents stand up on a soap box and...
A mother trying to calm her crying baby.

Japanese Scientists Figure Out Brilliant Way To Get Crying Babies To Sleep

Anyone who has ever tried to get crying babies to sleep knows that it can feel like an impossible task. Not only is your little one...

Internet Hilariously Responds When Truck Full Of Vibrators Overturns On Highway

Now, I don't know about you, but when I do some personal shopping, I like to make sure that the company I purchase from includes...
Screenshot of an Instagram post by pleinleursyeux showing four kids watching a sunset in the distance

Parents in Race Against Time To Show Their Kids the World Before They Go...

Most of us will never see the world in person, we'll view it through small screens as we scroll through an app. But for...
Screenshot of viral Twitter video that shows two people wrestling in a parking lot

In Viral Video, Chick-fil-A Employee Body Slams Carjacker Saving Woman and Baby

A friend and I were just saying the other day that we are so sick and tired of the news being full of bad...
flu season Father checking forehead of sick toddler daughter indoors in kitchen at home.

CDC Is Warning Parents About a Bad Flu Season and Enterovirus D68

For the last couple of years, we've basically skipped over flu season thanks to Covid restrictions and mask mandates. And while most of that...
Screenshot of a Times of India tweet that shows the mother, father, and baby after a tiger attack in India

Mom Fights Off Tiger with Bare Hands to Save Her 15 Month Old Son

Hell hath no fury like a mom in straight-up survival mode. A mother and her 15-month-old son narrowly escaped the literal jaws and claws of...
photo of small caucasian boy on curb getting onto school bus

School Loses 6 Year Old On First Day After Putting Him On Bus By...

For kids across the country, this is the first week of school (or second or third), and like most school years, there are bound...
The little soccer players hanging out with music in a locker room before a training

Instagram Fined $402 Million for Mishandling of Kids’ Data

Instagram has been a lifeline for many parents. Those in-the-trenches years when your kids are toddling around and destroying your house? Yeah, Instagram has come...

Mom Shares Life-Saving Hack if Your Child Swallows a Battery

Not gonna lie, friends...the thought of my child choking or swallowing something as dangerous as a battery is in my top three most terrifying...