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Sarah Cottrell is a Maine based freelance journalist and lifestyle writer. Her work has been featured on VICE Tonic, New York Magazine, Washington Post, and has been included in seven anthologies including the New York Times bestselling series, I Still Just Want to Pee Alone. Check out her work at

Fake Nudes Of Thousands of Women Are Being Shared Online Through Disturbing New App

In yet another example of how the concept of right and wrong are no longer norms, some absolute garbage group of humans is using...

COVID is Making Moms Even More Depressed and Anxious, New Study Says

Recently, science confirmed what a lot of in the trenches of motherhood already knew; COVID is making us more depressed and anxious. In a...

Oreo Rainbow Cookies Are Part Of the New #ProudParent Campaign To Honor LGBTQ Community

If you're already a fan of the iconic Oreo cookie, then you're in for a lovely treat because the company has announced the release...

I Finally Lost My Shit and Had a Pandemic Meltdown

I finally lost my shit and had a pandemic meltdown. It could have been the stress of remote learning without reliable internet. Or it could...

Boy Comes Dangerously Close To Losing Vision After Playing With Bath Toys, Mother Warns

We've all heard by now that bath toys can grow mold and get pretty gross. There are lots of videos on YouTube of moms...

Police Shoot 13 Year Old Boy with Autism Leaving Him in Serious Condition

This past Friday evening, Salt Lake city mom, Golda Barton called 911 for help. Her son, 13-year-old Linden Cameron, who reportedly has Asperger's syndrome...

Woman Shames Target for Selling Sex Toys, Facebook Erupts in Laughter

Admittedly, these are rough times, and we can all use a laugh right about now. The endless news cycles are hurting our brains (and...

Parents Are Making Fun Of People With Disabilities In Gross #NewTeacherChallenge On TikTok

Honest to Gawd, you guys, I don't know how many more times I can whisper-scream WTF this year. But here we are. There is a...

LOL Surprise Doll with “Secret” Lingerie Reveal Causes Outrage Among Parents

Now that we’ve all had a minute to calm our blood pressure after we heard about the Hasbro doll with the genital button, there’s...

Hasbro Pulls New Trolls Doll After Complaints That It’s Grooming Kids for Sexual Abuse

As if 2020 isn't bad enough, file this bullshit under a severe WTF. As a parent to young children, I'll admit that I'm literally shook...