People Are Getting “Creative” With Their PPE and We’re Totally Here For The Hilarious Photos


We are on day, I don’t even know, of social distancing. I just know it’s been A LOT of staying at home and enjoying special family bonding togetherness time.

So much time. Together. With each other. ALL THE TIME. Oh lord, when will this END? (iloveyoufamily).


It’s been so many days in fact, that many of us have reached the point where we need to go out to grab a few groceries.

The fridge and the pantry are bare. Because our kids are eating a gazillion snacks a day. STOP WITH THE SNACKS!

And also because our secret stash of mini eggs has disappeared in a record amount of time and it is chocolate or death. That’s what it’s come to, people.

While ordering groceries online and having them delivered is an option, the waiting list to receive that order is now days, if not weeks, away.

Most grocery stores are struggling to keep up with the demand. 

So we put on pants and run head out the door yelling Freedom! I’m totally kidding. We’re just whispering it quietly to ourselves.

Upon arriving at the store, we stand in lines, a cart-length apart, and wait our turn to enter. Once inside, we continue to practice social distancing.

We maintain a distance of 6-feet. We watch what we touch and turn our heads when we do have to pass people. We do what we can to minimize the risk and keep ourselves and others safe.

Some of us wear gloves. Others wear masks. And still others? Are taking it up a notch. Or a thousand. Donning scuba gear, duct tape, garbage bags, and more. Yup. I kid you not.

In a Facebook post that has gone viral, Shay Love has posted a number of pictures of people who have gone above and beyond when it comes to personal protection equipment.

And the results? Are the laugh, and the inspiration, we could all use right now.

The post has received over 37K likes and has been shared 313K times since Monday. 

She captions the post with the following:


And we say thank you too.

To Scuba Steve guy, who is desperately trying to go to his Happy Place. A nice beach somewhere, off the coast of Fiji, where he can snorkel all day long, probably

Image Credit: Facebook/ShayLove

And to this unicorn. Or narwhal? In a giant body condom. Why IS there a horn on his/her head? I’d be more scared of suffocating than getting the coronavirus.

Image Credit: Facebook/ShayLove

However, this person clearly doesn’t share that fear. Did no one teach these people NOT to put bags over their heads?


Image Credit: Facebook/ShayLove

It’s obvious that garbage bags seem to be the COVID-19 weapon of choice.

And not just the clear bags, black bags and paper bags have significantly elevated their status from mere refuse collectors to modern-day corona couture fashion. Although I don’t think the cashier is convinced.

Hellloooo “Unknown comic.”

Image Credit: Facebook/ShayLove

And don’t forget the duct tape. Because there is nothing, NOTHING, that duct tape cannot fix, repair, or hold together. If it’s good enough for NASA, it’s good enough for this guy.

Image Credit: Facebook/ShayLove

Speaking of NASA…With medical masks in short supply, many people have had to improvise. They are turning to space helmets…Ground control to Major Tom…

Image Credit: Facebook/ShayLove

…And sponges (wtf?), in their time of need.

Image Credit: Facebook/ShayLove

Then there’s this guy. Who bears an uncanny resemblance to our favorite dark lord.

Dun-dun-dun-dun-da-da-dun-da-da. (Cue heavy breathing.)

Although some commenters think he looks more like the “creature from the black lagoon,” “a death eater,” or the “mothman.”

He’s Vader. For sure.

Image Credit: Facebook/ShayLove

People are loving on all of them, but the clear winner is Sponge Bob-ette with over 66K likes and 6K comments.

For all of the pictures, the majority of the comments are positive with a lot of laughing emojis, “so funny!” “hilarious!” and tagging of friends.

There is, however, one popular DIY mask that was missing from the roundup. And we can all thank the television show, “Orange Is The New Black” for the inspo on this one. Straight out of the pages of Piper Chapman’s prison handbook come face masks fashioned out of maxi pads and hair bands.

Like this couple’s, who decided to maxi-mize their masks. With wings.

Image Credit: Facebook

And also this guy, who was less about the maxi and more about the wings. Made out of water bottles. Because we should ALL be doing our part when it comes to saving humanity AND our planet. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Image Credit: Facebook

Look, the reality is that this virus is no joke. And people are scared.

There are now over 934,000 cases worldwide, with 214,639 in the United States alone.

In all seriousness, do whatever it is you feel you need to do in order to protect yourselves and others. If you want to wear snorkel gear or wrap yourself in plastic bags and duct tape when you go out? Go for it.

Just stay safe, and whenever possible, stay home.


Posted by Shay Love on Monday, March 30, 2020


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