Oreo Has Created The Most Stuf Oreo And We Feel Like They Get Us


Us: Hey, Oreo people. We want more filling.
Oreo people: We got you, Fam.

I’m assuming this is how it went down, and how we ended up with the massive More Stuf Oreos.


Either that, or Rick Moranis and his Honey I Shrunk The Kids machine have been at it again. Seriously, these things are huge. They look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man got his head stuck between two wafers. 

While Oreo has been busy adding new flavours to their repertoire, (I have been on a hunt for their chocolate peanut butter pie ones for months), this new Oreo is the same original flavor – Just a ton more of it.

Of course, Twitter is reacting to these giant pillow-like cookies.

Jenna now feels like we are prepared for anything with these babies: 

But, you have to admit that the idea of dipping them in coffee sounds pretty genius:

Rumor has it, these new Oreos have four times the creme.

You could be licking it for hours (that’s what she said.) I’m guessing they are filled using miniature cement mixers. If a DOUBLE More Stuf comes out, we will need to learn how to unhinge our jaws like snakes.

If you’re looking to get your fix of these sweet giants, here’s a helpful guide for where to find them.

And if you can’t believe this story – you should check out the woman drinking wine from a Pringle’s can in Walmart or the woman that tried to pay her babysitter in ice cream

It really is a wild time to be alive. Thanks, Oreo. You get us. 


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