Crazy Cheapskate Mom Tries To Cheat Babysitter By Paying Her In “Ice Cream And Fun”


Finding a great babysitter can be tough, but one of the best ways to keep a quality sitter is by paying them for their services. As in, you know, MONEY.


That would seem obvious- unless you’re a cheap mama who is deliberately looking to scam a teen out of her rightful earnings for watching your kids (for EIGHT HOURS, mind you).

The mom’s dastardly deed was shared on Reddit by the user VortexThing, who is actually the brother of the babysitter, Kristen.

Here’s what went down:

So after Kristen babysat Cheap Mama’s kids for over eight hours, she sent a polite text to the mom thanking her for the opportunity to babysit, and asking if she could swing by for her payment. First of all, props to Kristen for her courteous approach!

It can be awkward to ask someone for money that’s owed, & this teen does it with finesse.

Photo Credit: VortexThing

I wasn’t aware that payment was involved.

Wait… WHAAAT? That’s how babysitting works. You babysit my kids, I pay you. And gladly, because if you’re with my kids, that means I’m getting a break from them. An eight-hour break? Worth every penny!

But there were no pennies being exchanged here. In fact, there was no money coming to this babysitter at all, apparently. 

You got free ice cream and a day of fun

According to this delusional mom, Kristen was already “paid”- in ice cream.

Everyone wants free ice cream, no? Shouldn’t some free fudge ripple be enough for eight.frigging.hours of fun with kids??

Let’s not forget the “day of fun”. Now, I adore my kids, and I’m sure you love your own as well. But after eight straight hours of solid “fun” with my kids, I need a break, and it might involve something stronger than ice cream. And those are my own children. 

Can you even imagine hiring -yes, HIRING- a stranger to spend eight hours with multiple children and thinking the fun they had should suffice as payment? 


But strap on your seatbelts, ’cause Cheap Mama is about to take us for a ride to Crazy Town!

Cheap Mama demands proof that a discussion about payment even occurred.

And when Kristen produces the evidence in the form of a screenshot of their prior conversation, it’s as clear as day that CHEAP MAMA was the one who offered $16 per hour, and that the sum was agreed upon.

The mom’s response: 

I delete my messages often

Um, ok. Here’s the thing that most of us common-sense folk know about the good ole’ Internet, though- just because you delete something, it doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen.

And just because you conveniently “deleted” a text from your phone, it doesn’t mean it’s not still on the recipient’s phone. Or thousands of people’s phones now, because the Internet sure loves calling out crappy people, Cheap Mama.

I give credit to Kristen here, because despite the general insanity brewing here, she holds her composure and again clarifies that her babysitting was not, in fact, for free, but for money.

And HERE’S where Cheap Mama morphs into C*%$ Mama. I’d type the actual word, but as a civilized person, I don’t like to call women that kind of name. Cheap Mama sure does though; see below!

Not only does this awful mom accuse her poor babysitter of being stuck up for requesting what she is owed, she tries to pay her less than what she agreed on.

When that offer is rejected, she throws down this ghastly insult:

I wish I didn’t have such a stuck up cunt watching my kids.

A horrible insult to say, even if she were speaking to a fellow adult.

But remember- she is texting this to a teenager. She’s apparently enraged that Kristen wasn’t willing to ignore their initial agreement or settle for less than she should, and fired a disgusting slur at her.

And as the crowning insult: BLOCKED!

That could have been the end of the story, but thankfully Kristen’s brother brought this bizarre situation to public light by posting it on Reddit. Reddit users urged them to consider contacting small claims court, or even contacting Cheap CRAZY Mama’s husband to rectify the matter.

The end result: the husband was contacted, and although he sheepishly said he’d talk to his wife about the issue, no resolution occurred… until Kristen threatened justified legal action. 

Lo and behold, once the mention of “small claims court” was submitted to the husband, Cheap Mama’s phone unblocked Kristen, and she finally ponied up the cash!

The moral of the story: don’t cheat honest, hard-working people out of what you owe them. Especially over text, because – screenshots.

And remember: while you think you could have conveniently denied something happened because you deleted the evidence, screenshots don’t lie. The Internet has a long memory and a small tolerance for crappy behavior.



  1. When a union goes on strike, they set up a picket line in front of the employers business. Around Valentine’s day, she should picket Crazy Mom’s house starting early so any other babysitter will cancel by turning away. Repeat on mother’s day, and any other important day in this family’s life.
    Maybe also report them to children services. If mom is willing to screw over a babysitter, what sort of treatment does she provide for her kids? Child services may not find any irregularities, but if you have ever been through one of their investigations, your life becomes hell. And they never stop looking over your shoulder so to speak.
    Crazy mom might actually qualify as an unfit mother and have her children removed from the home. Dad will resent this and get a divorce so he can see his kids. And Crazy Mom will just sit there asking, what did i do wrong?


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