Dad Drags Daughter Through Airport And My Thoughts? Hope He Made His Flight On Time


You’ve probably seen the now viral video of a Dad dragging his daughter through the airport by the hood of her coat with the caption, “Looks like this dad has reached his limit.” 

I did, and my first thought as a parent was, “meh.” 

I mean, a lot of thoughts went through my head, but mostly I was like – well we don’t really know the whole story, and a dad’s gotta do what a dad’s gotta do. 

This might be a sign that I’ve been a parent 12 years, and have three kids, and have lost my cool a few times myself. 

Dad drags daughter through airport

Looks like this dad has reached his limit ?Cred: ViralHog

Posted by VT on Sunday, January 6, 2019

But, I’m not entirely sure this dad is pulling her around because he lost his cool.

Since the dad has not come forward to respond (probably for fear of being judged by all the sanctiparents of the world or even worse – the NON parents of the world) I’d like to give a few alternative ideas to what might actually be happening in this video. 

The daughter just didn’t want to walk anymore

Traveling with kids is a sh*t show of epic proportions. And, sometimes they just give up. My youngest once ran back up a hiking hill to avoid walking the three more feet to the car.

When a kid decides they aren’t going to walk anymore, they aren’t going to walk. And, as a parent, what can you do? Get creative, I say. The child isn’t flailing, screaming, or in any pain as far as I can see. In fact, she appears to be as chill AF with her arms crossed peacefully like – “I FREAKING WON THIS ONE.” 

The child asked to be dragged around like a rag doll

Kids are weird. They like to invent games out of boredom. And my bets are the child loved this little experiment and requested to be dragged on the germ infested airport floor by her hood because she was either A. bored or B. just plain tired of the whole airport experience. The truth is SHE was probably over it. Not the dad. 

Dads (and moms) are great at improvising

As a mom, I’m not sure I’d drag my daughter in a public space anywhere for fear of getting called out, or reported for abuse. But, dads? Well, they seem to have a knack for improvising in parenting situations, and getting away with way more than moms ever could.

Have you seen how much people ooh and aah over dads in public? *eyeroll*

The big sister is back there trying to carry her bags and little sister’s and no one appears to be in a huge rush, so my guess is the dad was like, “I have to get from point A to point B with a child that no longer wishes to use her legs that the good Lord gave her, so I need to figure it out.” 

And that he did. Seems like a legit dad plan to me. Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me if a mom came up with it too.

Hilarious Internet Mom Had Something to share with “Airport Dad”

Airport Dad is my Hero

There is a video of a Dad dragging his kid through the airport and he is my new hero. Here's why… Read more about airport Dad here:

Posted by That's Inappropriate on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

As a parent, you learn not to judge other parents.

Yet, I would be the first to jump in and protect a child that looked like they were being harmed in some way. But, this video? I just don’t see it. I mean, there is a holiday wreath on the wall, and traveling during the holidays with kids is a whole other hellish experience.

Trust me, I just did it. 

To me, it looks like a family that is just trying to get through an annoying day of airline travel with two children, and are doing the best they can to hold it all together. And, if this had been a mom, I would have all these same thoughts, too.

I was just relieved to see in the comment section that most parents felt the same. 

Yes, there are some commenting about child abuse and better forms of discipline, because from the outside looking in, it’s easy to judge, but as a mom who has been through my fair share of hellish travel days with my kids?  

My thoughts are, “Meh. I hope he made his flight on time.” 



  1. Yep…my sentiments, Exactly! I also wonder why dad’s don’t get called out as often as mom’s! Same reason the kids come when dad calls, but dilly dally when mom calls their name! One of the great mysteries of the Universe.

    • I’d guess because most dads, myself included, don’t really care what other people think about our parenting style. Moms, many of whom tie their self worth and ego to their identity as mom and try and be as “perfect” as all those Facebook and yoga moms out there…. much as men tie their ego and identity to their profession.

  2. Go dad go!! She looks like she is having fun!! My brother used to pull me around like that when we were kids, but he would end by spinning me around anaround and let go and see what stopped me. Lol we loved it! That kid is NOT in any distress At All!
    Hope you made your flight Dad!!!

  3. I could see my kids wanting me to do that just for fun lol kids find fun in some of the darndest things…that child looked completely relaxed to me!!!

  4. Anyone ignorant enough to call this Abuse is dealing with some serve childhood trauma that they have not delt with or received help for. Other option, you are a very special kind of Butthurt Snowflake! Don’t make this political! Snowflakes come in all forms and there is no color, race, religion, sexual orientation, straight, gay, political party, monkey lovin’ freak zod, that will shield you from being a Snowflake. You either do not have kids and one of the “Why I would never group!” Which means, oh yes the f^*k you would. Commenting on things you have no experience in, makes you a fool. You don’t ask a Atheist to school & teach you in the love & proof of god. I wouldn’t have someone color blind as my personal shopper! This is just a case of keyboard worriers that have no life and their lives is social media and stirring the shit pot is their only joy in their sad existence. Any intelligent person, be it parent or not a parent. Looked at this video, laughed and moved on without a second thought. For those that did not and fit one of the above options? Get a life sweetie and stop being apart of why America is actually in a crisis & embarrassment right now.

  5. I’m a non parent and you better believe I’ll drag a little human who’s not listening to me through the entire airport if I needed to!

  6. This Dad has done nothing wrong hey try being a step mom of 6 kids that ain’t easy let alone be a dad of 2 so stop judging and go on with your own life and look at yourself before judging something that ain’t anything!

  7. Lol, I think it’s pretty comical. I would’ve had a blast if I were that little girl, she doesn’t have to walk because dad got her. She is probably laughing at her sister because she didn’t think of it. “Hah hah, I got dragged and you have to walk. Hah hah!”
    Props to you dad for making it a lasting memory that this girls will laugh about way after he leaves this earth. “Remember when dad dragged me through the airport? Boy was that fun!!!”

  8. Way to go dad in the airport. They don’t want to walk, then drag their asses. I’m a mom of three, grandma of six and great grandmother of seven. So I know a lot more than most about unruly kids. You get my highest award.??????

  9. She was relaxing with her arms resting in her lap. She probably was tired and this dad needed them to make the flight. They were both calm. She was probably enjoying getting carted around. I’m surprised she wasn’t on her phone texting while getting her ride?


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