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Porn Might Be Part Of The Reason You Have Low Sex Drive

I want to make one thing very clear: I’m here to solve a problem, not take a moral stance. The problem I specialize in solving is married women not wanting and enjoying sex with their husbands. And porn is 100% contributing to the problem.

Why I Teach My Son NOT To Open Doors for Women

If men called out sexism, white people called out racism, and heterosexuals called out homophobia... everyone in the defending category would take a deep sigh of relief. It is mentally draining to be a member of a group that is being discriminated against

We Raised Her to Leave

She’ll come back home of course, here and there at least, but it won’t ever be the same because no matter what, she’ll always leave again. But I guess that’s how it’s always been. She was never meant to stay. We raised her to leave.

My Depression Looks Like Days Without Showering. Because I Feel Nothing...

"...I learned that there were a lot, tons if you will, of red flags that my depression was poorly managed. I wrote them off with a mental note to deal with it later because who has time now. One of those signs was hygiene."

The Anxiety Of Covid Robbed Me Of My Pregnancy Experience

In the last days of pregnancy, my friends and family wanted to know how I was feeling. But the truth was, ‘how I was feeling’ was a bit of a sore subject.