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I’m Tired Of Being Told I’m Too Sensitive

“You’re too sensitive,” they say. Another form to acknowledge my nature is saying how I’m too emotional. The simple answer is yes, I’m sensitive. I’m emotional. I’m compassionate. I’m empathetic. I’m a great deal of many human emotions and I make no burde

I Wish I Had Know It Would Be The Last Time I Got to Hold You

What if you knew the last day you’d be able to pick your child up and hold them. Would you hang on to them so tight and so long knowing that was the last time you would hold them completely in your arms? God doesn’t give us a countdown or a magic calendar

It’s Okay to Complain Right Now

I posted something on my social media the other day about how I was upset that my kids’ schools closed for the foreseeable future....

I Can’t Help But Kick Myself For Thinking There Was Time For Things That...

I can't tell you how many times I've dismissed one of my kid's requests to play, read or do something (anything at all, really)...

Here’s Why I Forgave My Abuser

Freedom is freeing and different for everyone.

I Don’t Want My Pre-Baby Body Back

The old adage still gets bandied about amongst (and to) new mothers: nine months to gain the weight, nine months to take it off! But, maybe, just maybe, there is a different perspective on this?

I Am The F*cking Giving Tree

I AM the fucking Giving Tree! This book is the actual story of my life! I give and give and give and these kids take and take and take. THIS BOOK IS A METAPHOR FOR PARENTING!