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Statistics Show Girls Lose Confidence When They’re Only Eight

The confidence gender gap is for life unless we do something. Follow our five tips to help your daughter build it back up.
baby crying on a changing table with mom nearby as an example of baby safety tips

Baby Safety Tips All Parents Need to Know

Having a baby is a time to celebrate your little bundle of joy being born into the world! But this is also a time...
mom consoling stressed daughter as they face family life pressures

Family Life Today Has More Pressures Than Ever

Family life today is hard. Really freakin' hard. When you stop and figure in the outside influences of social media (TikTok challenges, UGH) and...

This Is What It Takes To Raise A Teen With Depression...

Raising teens is difficult. But when you have a teen who has suffered severe trauma and struggles with incapacitating depression, there are so many added layers to pierce, to rip through to get to the person it's protecting.

3 Tips To Start And Keep A Workout Routine (From A...

I'm a mom of two young kids who's had a consistent workout routine for the last four years. Here's how I did it.

5 Overrated Family Activities That Look Glamorous On Instagram

Have you ever been scrolling on Mommy Instagram or any social media site, for that matter, and come across a family activity that looks oh so glamorous? You round up the family. Only to return later with your hair a mess. Completely exhausted.