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A Letter to my Son: Why our Photo Album is full of Selfies.

There’s nothing more basic than a selfie. You typically see the arm, can figure out who took the picture, and it’s generally deemed as “overrated” or “annoying”. A selfie, these days, is commonly seen as a form of vanity.
The hit netflix show tidying up is popular, and here are some funny thoughts I had while watching Marie Kondo organize. 5 Mom Truths about tidying up that all moms will relate to. #momlife #tidyingup #organized #funny #humor #filterfreeparents

5 Mom Truths I Realized After Watching Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

The New Year makes us all a little itchy. I like to put away the tree and take a deep breath and smile about...

My New Years Resolution? Survive.

Here we are again, friends. The brink of a New Year. My newsfeed is full of positive manifestations for the next trip around the...

What Happened When I Realized My Daughter Was Watching Me Weigh Myself Every Day

After having my second baby in less than so many years, things just weren’t the same. My appearance became both my greatest fixation and disappointment. And right there, soaking it all in, was my two-year-old daughter.

My Son Was Seven When A Doctor Used The Words “Psychotic...

I tried to deny what I didn’t want to be true, but my heart knew. This was much more serious. Please not my son. Not him.

Postpartum OCD Is Real And Here’s Why We Need To Talk...

I write about OCD because I didn't know what it was. I didn't know that soul-crushing anxiety and scary as hell thoughts didn't make me a monster. I didn't realize that I could think scary things while simultaneously fighting against them. I didn't know t

It’s OKAY To Be A Mama’s Boy

Everyone refers to you as a mama's boy, as if it's somehow a negative thing. They laugh and joke, and make comments here and there about how soft I am making you. They place a negative connotation on the thought of a male outwardly expressing his feelings

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