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When A Parent Abandons You As a Child, You’ll Always Wonder

One of the most difficult parts of my marriage has been believing that my wife loves me. And this has nothing to do with...

This Is The Face Of Endometriosis

Endometriosis is the face of a woman walking through the disappointment of secondary infertility.

They May Grow, But They Will Still Always Need Us

As he grows he needs me less. But as a teenager, he will still need me for comfort, and to lighten the mood when things get heavy. He will need me to mend a broken heart, and teach him how to drive.

The Best Advice To Give Your Kid Starting Middle School

It may surprise you to hear me say that middle school hasn’t exactly been the nightmare everyone warned it would be. Sure, there were highs and lows, but tough life lessons produce character and change us by making us stronger.

Today I Cried. No One Tells You About Days Like Today.

No one tells you about this part. No one tells you about the anger & the sadness & the isolation & the disdain. No one tells you that motherhood brings out an unrecognizable version of yourself who you hate & resent.

Being An All Boy Mom Sometimes Feels Like Drowning In Testosterone-Laden...

Most days I'm a proud BoyMom T-shirt wearing girl who has learned to double every recipe and shoot Nerf guns like Princess Merida shoots her bow. On the other days I'm the lone female drowning in a household of inappropriate scratching and toxic fumes.

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