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I'm a mom of 5 boys (2 biological and 3 stepchildren) and a new wife giving it a second go-around. I've waited 30 years to chase my dreams as a writer and find the confidence to put it out there. I've overcome enough struggles as a wife, mom, sister, friend, and WOMAN in general to keep me typing for 30 more years to come! I'm excited to share my stories and my views with all of you!

I Refuse To Be Remembered As The Mom That Kept Her House Clean

I'm a born complainer. Most anyone I know will agree with that. And I whine a lot. Mostly when I'm frustrated or tired. Or out...

Mess Up, Then Try Again. That’s What Moms Do.

Yesterday my youngest son told me he didn't want to talk to me about a problem he was having with a friend - he...

To My Son, The Loner

To my son, the loner. You have never been one for extra attention, or outings, or sports, or gathering. You are the kindest, funniest, most...

Depression And Anxiety Are Monsters – But They Are Not Who I Am

Anxiety is real. Depression is real. And they both very much feed and live off of each other. Sometimes it's as if one cannot survive...

I’m Without My Kids Every Other Week, And I Haven’t Celebrated My Free Time...

Fifteen years ago, life without kids was a whole other world. There were girls’ nights out, dinner with friends, drinks at your place. Maybe...

I Give Up All My Free Time At Night To Avoid The Morning Sh*tshow

I bet you're reading this thinking,   "Oh, she must be thinking about us moms who get up and run around like crazy to make sure...

So You Want To Be a Step-Parent? Here’s Why It’s Not A Job For...

Whether you are a man or a woman, getting remarried to someone who has children is basically the equivalent of getting hired for a...

Internet Infidelity Ruined My Marriage – Twice

It's no secret that the internet has everything to offer a person when it comes to sex, desire, intrigue, and secrecy.