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I'm a mom of 5 boys (2 biological and 3 stepchildren) and a new wife giving it a second go-around. I've waited 30 years to chase my dreams as a writer and find the confidence to put it out there. I've overcome enough struggles as a wife, mom, sister, friend, and WOMAN in general to keep me typing for 30 more years to come! I'm excited to share my stories and my views with all of you!

I Give Up All My Free Time At Night To Avoid The Morning Sh*tshow

I bet you're reading this thinking,   "Oh, she must be thinking about us moms who get up and run around like crazy to make sure...

So You Want To Be a Step-Parent? Here’s Why It’s Not A Job For...

Whether you are a man or a woman, getting remarried to someone who has children is basically the equivalent of getting hired for a...

Internet Infidelity Ruined My Marriage – Twice

It's no secret that the internet has everything to offer a person when it comes to sex, desire, intrigue, and secrecy.