Ten Year Old’s Valentine Box Inspires Parents Everywhere To Calm The Heck Down About Valentine’s Day


I admit it. This year I got sucked into what I like to call the crazy Pinterest Valentine box craze. My ten-year-old wanted something special and unique this year. And he has two years of elementary school left so I went temporarily bonkers and obliged.

We spent three hours making a giant rubix cube Valentine box. 

I felt all kinds of stabby by the end of the whole ordeal. And then my seven-year-old expected a Pikachu for his valentine box and that’s why you can now call me a sucker. 

I’m not a big fan of over the top Valentine’s boxes in general. 

Valentine’s day just isn’t my thing. And, I have begged other parents before to chill out with the over the top Valentine’s boxes – because don’t we have enough work to do? And, then I became one of those over the top moms myself. 

So, that’s why when I saw this viral post from last year resurfacing again, I was inspired. Inspired to calm the heck down with the Valentine’s celebrations. 

Beth Teliho, author and writer shared a photo of her ten year old son Sawyer’s Valentine box last year and it went viral because – well, it was hysterical.

And this year it’s making the rounds again. 

Photo Credit: Beth Teliho, Facebook

Turns out her son’s class was having a contest. And, what do parents dread more than being forced to be creative? Especially if their own kid isn’t that into it. 

Beth shared her caption showing how proud she was of her son for his ability to avoid peer pressure when it came to the Valentine’s Box Contest: 

There’s a contest at my 10yo’s school for best Valentine’s Day box. This is what my child made. I love him so much right now!

*edited to add* He freaking won “most unexpected” LMAO

I think parents need to take notes. If our kids don’t care that much about having the best, biggest, and fanciest Valentine’s box (when let’s face it – none of them are in love yet anyway) then why do we kill ourselves to craft amazing boxes we see on Pinterest? 

I’m asking myself this exact question right now. 

Beth told That’s Inappropriate: 

When he did the box, he wasn’t trying to be funny at all. He was just being honest because I said he had to take something to collect goodies, even if he didn’t decorate it. He didn’t even know if I’d let him take it like that, but I thought it was perfect and hilarious.

And, we agree – totally hilarious, and in my opinion totally inspirational, too. 

Beth said she thinks her post from last year is surging in popularity again because it’s so relatable. She said many people commented that her son Sawyer was their “spirit animal.”

 She went on to say: 

“…People relate to not liking a forced competition, and also appreciate a kid who has the honesty (and balls) to not do something he doesn’t want to do.”

She said he was surprised that he didn’t get in trouble and got so much attention for just being true to himself. What a great lesson for a ten year old to learn, am I right?

The best part? He actually WON an award for “most unexpected box.”

And, Beth, like any good mom just hopes that the whole experience bolstered his confidence to just be himself. 

While she admits that he loves the candy aspect of the holiday (like any kid), he’s just not that into it. So, I had to ask what Sawyer did this year for his Valentine box? 

Beth said,

“Instead of a box, he took an Apple bag we’d kept from a recent iPhone purchase…because he liked the handles.”

And, all I have to say is that I admire a kid that can be true to himself. And, I think I know what’s going to happen next year before we dive head first into crazy Valentine’s boxes. I’m going to show my kids this post first. Way to go Sawyer. We admire you! 

Beth Teliho is in award-winning author, artist, and tree hugger who lives in Texas with her husband and two adventurous sons. Restless in the mundane, she writes about the abnormal, paranormal, and otherwise fantastical because that’s what quickens her heartbeat. You can grab her book, Order of Seven here

DYING ????There’s a contest at my 10yo’s school for best Valentine’s Day box. This is what my child made. I love him so much right now ??*edited to add* He freaking won “most unexpected” LMAO

Posted by Beth Teliho on Monday, February 12, 2018




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