Paul Rudd Was Just Named Sexiest Man Alive And It’s About Damn Time


People Magazine just crowned Paul Rudd 2021’s Sexiest Man Alive and all I can say, is what took them so long?

Look, I have been a Paul Rudd fan since forever, or more accurately, since he starred in Clueless waaaaay back when.


It’s not enough that he is handsome & hilarious. He also seems to be the quintessential nice guy. What’s not to love? Nothing, absolutely NOTHING.

People Magazine revealed their Sexiest Man Alive pick with a special double issue and Paul Rudd gracing the cover.

Oh hello, green eyes…

Sorry, I just got lost there for a sec. 

They captioned it,

“Oh, Yes. Paul Rudd. Sexiest Man Alive. A marvel of a man. You’re welcome.”

The world definitely says thank you.

Rudd has been a Hollywood staple since 1995. Which is so weird because he (like me) is only 25. Okay fiiiiiine, he’s actually 52 years old.

And can we just pause for a minute to talk about this? Because this man NEVER ages.

Here, let me provide some photographic evidence:

Like, what IS his secret? Inquiring minds want to know. Has he discovered the fountain of youth? Is he using some magic elixir created from the immortal peaches? Does he survive on Kale & watercress smoothies?

Does he sleep in a cryo-chamber? Is it yoga? Essential oils? A specially curated Vitamin A cocktail?

Whatever it is he needs to bottle it and share it with the rest of humanity. 

As for how he feels about being crowned the Sexiest Man Alive? He takes the honor with a huge slice of humble pie. 

He tells People:

“I do have an awareness, enough to know that when people hear that I’d be picked for this, they would say, ‘What?”

(Because they are crazy.)

Even his wife was somewhat taken aback but she recovered quickly.

“She was stupefied. But you know she was very sweet about it.

After some giggling and shock, she said ‘Oh, they got it right.’ And that was very sweet.

She was probably not telling the truth, but what’s she going to say?”

And even if he thinks he doesn’t deserve it, he’s going to “lean into it hard.”

“I’m going to own this. I’m not going to try to be like ‘Oh, I’m so modest.’ I’m getting business cards made.”

As he should. 

As for how the masses are taking the news?

Pretty much exactly as you would expect. They’re here for it. And him. Always and forever. (Because that’s how long he’s going to live). 

Not to brag, but same Clueless, same.

Apparently, though, not everyone is a fan. Shocking I know. Clearly, these people need to get their eyes checked. 

No shade? You’re giving off shade like a thousand-year-old oak tree. And yeah, no, actually there isn’t some other man walking this earth that more women would find attractive.

For now, Rudd plans on taking full advantage of his new sexy status. He’s making plans. Lots of them. From dinners and yachts to brooding and pondering.

“I’m hoping now that I’ll finally be invited to some of those sexy dinners with Clooney and Pitt and B Jordan.

And I figure I’ll be on a lot more yachts. I’m excited to expand my yachting life.

And I’ll probably try to get better at brooding in really soft light. I like to ponder. I think this is going to help me become more inward and mysterious. And I’m looking forward to that.”

Sounds good to us!




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