Face Yoga for Anti-Aging


These days there are countless creams, serums, and injectibles available to help reduce signs of aging. While they’re effective, they can also come with numerous unwanted chemicals. For example, did you know that anti-wrinkle injections are actually botulinum toxins? Yes, that’s botulism. And while there are all-natural creams, you never know what’s in something unless you make it yourself. If you’re the kind of person that likes to avoid these altogether, or if you’d just like another anti-aging tool in your box, you may consider face yoga.

Face yoga involves stretching the muscles in your face in order to achieve healthy, glowing skin. Much like the face rollers that are all the rage right now, these mini-exercises are touted for their anti-aging benefits. So, how do you do face yoga? You can use your hands to smooth your face, stretch your muscles by moving your face, or lift and pull on your skin a certain way.

If you’d like an entire face yoga routine, FragranceX put together eight exercises in their handy visual below. Feel free to try them out and report any results in the comments!

Face Yoga


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