17 Funny Tweets From Parents That Share The Joy of Life With Boys


If you’re the parent of a boy, then you know the incredible amounts of fun, love, and excitement that they bring into your life. Accompanying them are also occasionally foul smells, Nerf gun bullets littering every crack & crevice of your house, and a fast-pass to your local Urgent Care for all sorts of shenanigan-induced injuries.


The parents of twitter are quite familiar with the crazy roller-coaster ride that life with a son can be like, so laugh along as they highlight some typical boy stuff.

  1. Let’s first address the obvious: everything reeks of urine, because BOYS.

2. Boys don’t mind the smell of urine, apparently… or any other smell.

3. And they definitely have their own sense of style. And weather.

4. But maybe shorts are strategic- easy access? 

5. Because little or not, dudes love their peens.

6. Boys also love a good fight, but they’ll settle for any kind of fight. Over anything.

7. Especially if the fight is for a good cause, like bedtime avoidance.

8. They have tons of energy, & can’t wait to start their day (or start your day, for you).

9. As a parent, you “catch” on quickly that there will always be some chaos.

10. Boys manage to find themselves in the oddest places. Literally.

11. Trips to the Urgent Care often become a regular “thing” for boy parents.

12. A lot of boys get distracted by their own imaginations & forget…. everything.

13. But somehow they manage to remember the stuff that’s important- to THEM.

14. (Well, maybe not?)

15. Speaking of important to boys- can we say VIDEO GAMES??

16. So many video games, so little time…

17. So basically, life with boys can be pretty much be calculated as:

Life with boys can be… unpredictable, but they still manage to steal their mama’s hearts from day one!




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