Target’s New Line Of “Prairie Dresses” Inspire Hilarious Viral Photo Shoot

Since the pandemic started what feels like eons ago, we’ve all adapted our lives accordingly- social distancing, masks, copious amounts of hand sanitizer.



But in terms of our daily lives, many of us have also altered our style of dress as well. “Business casual” takes on a whole new meaning when you’re conducting business virtually via your living room couch.

When it comes to #pandemiclife, pants are no longer about fashion or style, but comfort. (Preferably with an elastic waistband- thanks, UberEats. Or for some, no pants at all, because why.even.bother.)

This past year has obviously been one of the weirdest yet. But in case the pandemic hasn’t twisted reality enough yet, Target has some suggestions for our “socially-distanced spring” 2021 fashionwear, ladies, and they are certainly fashion pioneers with this one.

Target has released a line of dresses that can only be described as “pandemic prairie”, and one woman’s impromptu photo shoot sporting one of the dresses is both hilarious and fitting.

This delightfully deliberately fashion faux pas began when Facebook user Lorca Damon posted a pic of the dresses she’d seen in her local Target, with her amusing observation:

Target has decided if we’re gonna suffer a pandemic, we might as well look like we just lost the farm after locusts ate our crops.

Photo Credit: Lorca Damon (Facebook)

I grew up in the 80’s on a steady diet of Little House On The Prairie; I definitely a hardcore fangirl of the Ingalls family. But I can safely say that dressing like Laura Ingalls was, and is a HARD PASS.

(And while I’m sure the amazing Ma Ingalls could whip up these beauties with her trusty needle & a bolt of cloth from Mr. Olsen’s general store, no, Target. Just no.)

When Laura Waters spied this post shared on her friend Regan McDowell’s Facebook page, she clearly thought, “Challenge accepted.”

She not only cackled along with the rest of us in amused disgust, but….

She bought the “pandemic prairie” dress. And has the pics to prove it.

Laura staged an elaborate photo shoot to accentuate this unique dress’ features. And boy, does she nail it.

Photo Credit: Laura Waters (Facebook)

This poignantly somber black & white artistic shot clearly says, “Pa lost the farm… dang locusts again.” … with a subtle Lizzie Borden vibe.

But this dress is still up for a bit of whimsy, as Laura’s next shots clearly illustrate:

Photo Credit: Laura Waters (Facebook)

(Pandemic prairie) girls just wanna have fun! They sure can frolic in the leaves… once the fall harvest is done. Which should be easy, since the whole “locust eating all the crops” thing.

Photo Credit: Laura Waters (Facebook)

Nothing accentuates a high dress neckline like big hair, amirite? When it comes to the hair, go big or go home… which should be easy, since the pandemic means HOME. Always home.

One of the perks to the dress? You can really work it, girl. Or work the fields in it, at least, in your own little “hoe-down”:

Photo Credit: Laura Waters (Facebook)

Target’s “Prairie Pandemic” dress is not just good for hoes –pun intended– but also for  mows:

Photo Credit: Laura Waters (Facebook)

But all work and no play (and months of social distancing) make Prairie Laura a dull girl, so this dress is definitely versatile for playtime, too:

Photo Credit: Laura Waters (Facebook)

Or not.

But lest you think farming fellas might think this style unattractive, check out this sultry pic; it screams, “Feeling cute… might delete -or whitewash the barn, churn some butter, milk some cows, knit a blanket, make bread from scratch, kill a turkey with my bare hands- later.”

Photo Credit: Laura Waters (Facebook)

But this come hither dress apparently brings the c- well, you know. Never mind.

Photo Credit: Laura Waters (Facebook)

Fashion perk: You could give birth right from under this dress while hoeing the locust-ravaged fields, wipe the newborn off with the dress hem, & wrangle an impromptu baby carrier out of the lower skirt… never breaking stride.

Fashionable AND functional- thanks, Tar-jay!

Photo Credit: Laura Waters (Facebook)

The best part? The dress’ loose flowing style is great for minimizing any baby weight (or pandemic paunch… again, thanks UberEats!). You’ll be looking good, feeling good, and up for another roll in the hay in no ti-

Oh. OH.

Photo Credit: Laura Waters (Facebook)

Although Target’s prairie pandemic style seemed laughably ludicrous, we must give props to Laura Waters for effectively illustrating just how… versatile this dress could be, especially if you’re maintaining a locust-ravaged pioneer farm.

Or, you know, hanging out at home with nowhere to go because of our current virus-ravaged reality. Whatevs!

While we still don’t know what Target was thinking in marketing this awful dress style, we can thank Laura for reminding us that we while fashion may be fleeting, humor is forever.

You can see her full post here


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