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Abigail Granner is a freelance health writer, certified personal trainer, and mom to two energetic kids. She writes about everything from parenting and pelvic floor health, to fitness and setting boundaries in relationships.
owning a dog and taking it everywhere you go

No, Owning A Dog Is *Not* The Same Thing As Having A Child

You open Instagram or TikTok and you see it. Scroll through Facebook and see it. Go anywhere; a park, a clothing store, or the...
millennial parents laughing with their two kids in their home

8 Things Millennial Parents Do That Other Generations Didn’t

Sensitive, entitled, internet addicts — there are a lot of stereotypes about millennials and how they act. As a millennial myself, I get it....
Mother holding her newborn baby child after labor in a hospital. Mother giving birth to a baby boy. Parent and infant first moments of bonding.

What To Know If You Want A VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)

After my first C-section, I wondered what I would do if I got pregnant again. How would I choose to give birth? My OB-GYN...
Woman fanning herself by pool during her summer pregnancy

How I Survived a Hot, Horrible Summer Pregnancy

Summer is the best. Shorts and sandals, extra excuses for ice cream, swimming, barbecues — what's not to love? Here's what: a summer pregnancy....
woman receiving pelvic floor therapy to her lower stomach while lying on her back

Is Pelvic Floor Therapy Awkward? Yep. But Is It Worth It? Absolutely.

Yep, pelvic floor therapy is awkward. Just the nature of giving that part of your body attention can be embarrassing for many people. But...
Mom and daughter holding tomatoes to their eyes being silly as they learn to stop caring what others think

Being A Good Parent Means You Have To Stop Caring

Caring for tiny humans means you give a lot emotionally and physically to your kids. Because of this, we start to lose the time...
Mom holding sad child in pediatrician office

These Red Flags Could Mean It’s Time To Find A New Pediatrician

It’s difficult being a new parent and navigating all the “firsts.” No, not just the first smile or laugh, but the first blowout, the...
Mom listening to podcast as micro self-care

15 Micro Self-Care Ideas For Parents Who Are Short On Time And Money

In an ideal world, we’d all spend 2 hours each day investing in our well-being. In the real world, our schedules are maxed, our...
young boy at doctor appointment for developmental milestones

The CDC Changes Kid’s Developmental Milestones For The First Time In Almost 20 Years

We all know the drill. We take our kids to the pediatrician and the doctor asks us a series of questions about our kids’...

Comic Goes Viral Because It Highlights the Double Standard Between Moms and Dads

Parenting is tough. We have expectations for ourselves, our partners, and our kids. And, apparently society has expectations of us too. But don’t worry,...