Husband Rescues Wife From Bobcat Attack In Epic Takedown All Caught On Amazing Security Footage


In an episode right out of “When Wild Animals Attack: Suburban Edition,” a friendly neighborhood man shoots to superhero status when he takes on a rabid bobcat in an effort to valiantly save his wife.

I kid you not.


The 46 seconds of hellcat horror was captured by a home security camera and has since been shared on social media where it has gone viral with over 6.9M views.

At first glance, it appears to be a typical morning in suburbia. Our hero, “Happy,” cheerily calls out “Good Morning!” as a neighbor jogs past. 

“I need to wash my car,” he remarks to his wife offscreen as he places his coffee cup on top of the hood and unlocks his car. He is blissfully unaware of the danger that has just crossed the street behind him.

Seconds later things take a wild turn.

As his wife appears on the screen, toting a pet carrier, a low yowl can be heard. Suddenly, like a bat bobcat outta hell, a feral feline pounces onto the woman’s backside, shrieking like a banshee.

Bad kitty.

The woman understandably freaks out and attempts to get away from her butt-biting ass-ailant. 

As she tries to maneuver between the vehicles in the driveway, still grasping the pet carrier, she screams:

“Oh my god! Oh god! Run! Run Happy, Run!”

Anyone in the same situation would run. Clear in the opposite direction. But Happy doesn’t run. Oh no. Happy turns around, heads straight into the path of danger, and rips the ragy beastie right off of his wife.

And all you single ladies? Heed tweeter @berenz98 when he says:

Do not settle until you find a man who will rip a bobcat off you and yeet it across the lawn at 8 am.

Happy holds the bobcat up in the air, Rafiki-style, and it takes him a second or two to process what he is seeing. But once he does, that kitty better look out.

 “Oh my god it’s a bobcat! Oh my god!” 

He then proceeds to get rid of it in the quickest way possible, by chucking it clear across the lawn. OMG.

Unsurprisingly, it does exactly what you would expect it to. It lands on its feet.

By this point, the female jogger has returned and she too gets in on the action. The man shouts at the bobcat to “Get out! Get out! Get out!” while his sidekick runs towards the animal, screaming, “Go! Go!”

The cat runs back and underneath the car. And Happy has had just about all he can take. Suffice it to say, he is no longer happy.

In the span of 37 seconds, Happy turns from the mild-mannered friendly neighborhood man into a wildcat-killing cursing machine.

And that little kitty? Better be afraid. Very afraid. Cuz he’s not taking any prisoners. 

Happy screams:

 “I’m gonna shoot that f*cker!”

He isn’t kidding. 

Happy runs after the feline, brandishing a hand-gun, yelling at someone off-camera to:

“Watch out! There’s a bobcat attacked my wife.”

And this my friends, is where the video ends.

So what happens next?

Thankfully Twitter doesn’t leave us hanging. Tweeter @Evi3Zamora updated her post to add that Happy does, in fact, kill the bobcat. Additionally, he and his wife received rabies shots because the wildcat was rabid.

Commenters had a lot of thoughts about what went down in kitty-town.

Many of them doubted the validity of the claim that the cat was actually a bobcat.

They even went so far as to suggest that the cat belonged to the couple and hero husband removed it from the carrier and threw it. Yeah. No.

Spoiler alert: it really, really was a bobcat.

The Pender County Sheriff Department put out a statement on their Facebook page confirming the fact.

Other commenters were disturbed at the way Happy manhandled the man-eating feline, asking:

“Am I the only one disturbed by the way he threw the cat?”

To which @FearLiath replied: 

However, the cat wasn’t the only thing people were worried about. Let us not forget about the brownies. 

Which I’m sad to report, were lost in the fight. May they rest in pieces.

As to why the cat attacked the wife? It is generally believed that she must have been carrying a small pet in the animal carrier. And it attracted the attention of the wildebeast.

Of course, there’s always this guy’s theory:

As for Happy? He’s just won brownie points. FOR LIFE.

And just in case you’re wondering if bobcats tend to attack humans – they don’t.

Conservation biologist Imogene Cancellare took to Twitter to explain a few feline facts. She says that “bobcats do not normally seek out humans,” and are “defensive animals” not “offensive.”

Experts recommend that if you do encounter a bobcat, you should back away slowly and call animal control.

All we know is that in the event we ever meet up with a rabid bobcat? Happy is definitely the guy we want around.


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