15 Funny Posts on Social Media From Those Who Are Tidying Up With Marie Kondo


Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably either heard the name Marie Kondo by now, or the catch-phrase associated with her: “does this item spark joy?”

The new Netflix series featuring professional organizer & author Marie Kondo has recently become the talk of social media. 


Now as a person who hoards organizing tips like a crazy cat lady hoards kittens, I was hooked on her minimalist approach within 6 minutes of Episode 1.

But even if you disagree with her personalized approach to stem the tide of household chaos, these social media clips from folks giving their own take on “konmari” organizing will definitely spark joy- and laughs!

  1. There are a lot of helpful tips… once you get the hang of it. IF you get the hang of it.

2. The approach, known as “konmari”, really helps to reduce clutter.

3. Especially if it’s someone else’s clutter.

4. Before your purge your stuff, it’s key to show respect for your house. If only your kids did the same…

5. The goal is to only keep items that “spark joy”.

Photo Credit: @ReneeCharytan via Instagram

6. If you only keep what sparks joy, your clutter is usually gone (& so is everything else).

7. Some people get the hang of it quickly!

8. No, seriously- that whole “ditch it if it doesn’t bring you joy” thing is FOR REAL.

Photo Credit: Author Unknown

9. It might take more convincing to get your family members on board, though.

10. Of course, others are skeptic of the konmari method of de-cluttering…

11. But some people are finding great success with it! Well, sort of.

12. …even if it takes a little practice to get the routines down…

13. Of course, it’d be even easier if Marie herself just did it FOR you, amirite?!

14. But look- even crazy cat hoarders are benefiting from Marie Kondo’s advice.

15. But regardless of whether you agree with Marie Kondo’s organizing or not, there are those that are clearly benefiting from her popularity.

Whether you’re a fan of the Kondo method or not, you have to admit that social media’s humorous take on it definitely brings one a lot of joy!



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