Hasbro Pulls New Trolls Doll After Complaints That It’s Grooming Kids for Sexual Abuse


As if 2020 isn’t bad enough, file this bullshit under a severe WTF.

As a parent to young children, I’ll admit that I’m literally shook with anger writing this article after I watched a viral video (hold tight, you’ll see it in a second) in which a mom demonstrates how she believes a Trolls doll from Hasbro is grooming little kids for sexual abuse


Hasbro debuted a new adorable Troll doll called “Trolls World Tour Giggle and Sing Poppy” that, if you push an internal button in the tummy, will recite 10 different cute songs and phrases.

Awesome. Every kid loves that and every parent has a bulk supply of ibuprofen to deal with it. And, the doll is admittedly adorable. 

But, this doll has an extra feature that isn’t described on the box. While Hasbro absolutely denies one mom’s claim (that has now gone viral) that the doll is meant to groom kids for sexual abuse, we can’t help but scratch our heads as parents.

Because apparently, some seriously misguided designers didn’t think it through when they placed the button (not advertised on the box) on the doll’s genital area. 

Just watch this video to see what I mean while I check my heart rate and blood pressure one more time.

The doll gasps, laughs, and giggles when someone touches the button located in an area NOT AT ALL FRIGGIN APPROPRIATE for kids to be playing with. 

The doll is based on the Trolls World Tour character called Poppy, which was voiced by Maine native Anna Kendrick. 

One mom, Jessica McManis, started a petition to voice her concerns over the inappropriateness of the doll. Because intentional or not, it could give mixed signals to young children that don’t understand and are trying to learn about appropriate touching. 

In her petition, that has attracted 168K signatures on Change.org she stated: 

“Our society is conditioning our children to think pedophilia is ok.

This Trolls World Tour doll named Poppy has a button on her private area under her skirt. When you push this button on the doll’s private she gasps and giggles.This is not okay for a child’s toy!

What will this toy make our innocent, impressionable children think?

“That it’s fun when someone touches your private area? That pedophilia and child molestation are ok?” 


Obviously no one thought this through completely. 

Hasbro has started removing the dolls because of the backlash. The renowned toy company told the Providence Journal that the crotch button was apparently intended to react when the doll was seated. 

They also released this statement: 

“This feature was designed to react when the doll was seated, but we recognize the placement of the sensor may be perceived as inappropriate.

This was not intentional and we are happy to provide consumers with a replacement Poppy doll of similar value through our consumer care team.

We are in the process of removing the item for purchase.”

Sounds like Hasbro needs some moms on their team to avoid serious shit like this happening, to begin with.

Think Hasbro is the only one with problems getting inappropriate kid toys past production? Think again. Check out this post for more WTF Inappropriate Kid toys. 

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  1. Really??? What kind of an idiot would think this is appropriate? Whoever developed this doll should be seen by a psychiatrist they definitely have something wrong going on in the brain department.
    Who also is involved in the approval of products?
    Serious talks must be had so this couldn’t possibly happen again the mighty dollar is not to be gained by people that would put our children’s safety at risk.

  2. First off it’s a troll doll….therefore it doesnt have A PRIVATE AREA…..it’s a cartoon, a made up character. You really do need to get a grip…..I had a doll when I was younger, that had a button in the same place to grow the dolls hair….I wasn’t ever under the assumption that if you played with my private areas my hair would grow….you are over reacting ….

    • Umm…No. Those sounds she makes when that button is pushed are definitely sexual and totally inappropriate to be on a child’s doll.

    • Seriously?! I think you are the one that needs to get a grip! It’s clearly an inappropriate spot for the button and the sounds are completely appalling.

  3. for gods sake stop putting your obsessions on your child. if that is what you think private parts look like then this is the least of your worries

  4. Sick ! There was only one intention for this being done and it was to teach babies it was ok to be touched and this infuriated ! Dang ! I’m so mad about this !!! Sick!!!!!

    • Lots of other things out too like the ABORTION BARBIE (Based on NYC Black Genoci and a book about a boy whose uncle comes to stay and he sleeps with him and his uncle touches his private parts and it feels good. Its a sick, sick world and now teaching children as young as 4 about sex. Soooo wrong.

  5. The idea that this was done specifically to groom children is hyperbolic paranoid ridiculousness. It was a poor design choice and should be corrected, but that’s quite a silly leap.

  6. Here’s a scenario:

    Engineer: “I’ve come up with a configuration that will provide all the functionality you want in the Poppy doll.”

    Vice President: Do we have a viable process for production?

    Eng: “Yes, sir.”

    VP: “Run with it.”

    Eng: “Do you want to see the configuration?”

    VP: “I only care that it works and that we cane produce and sell it at a profit.”

    Eng: “Okay.”

    The “sexual sounds” produced by the toy are sound bites lifted from the film. The button placement is likely a result of engineering design finding no other place to put the button. Yes, this is a design problem that should have raised some red flags somewhere between concept and production, but to allege that the entire company is intentionally grooming children for sexual assault is ridiculous and irresponsible. This was, in all likelihood, an oversight. And someone was surely fired over it. I’m a father of a 6 year old girl and two younger boys. I’m more amused than offended. My wife scoffed at your “article.” Most of us are just laughing and waiting for it to be pulled from stores.

  7. Omg. I can not believe they would do that knowingly they would be going to young girls. This is extremely disturbing. And disgusting.now we have to check every inch of every toy we buy for our children. Where is it made? I would contact the company. Do you know how many people would just open. The box and give it to their child and that would b the last they looked at it. Then the child would find that and start immitating that. Oh so not right.

  8. These companies are devil’s. Devil’s who HATE US. Who hates our souls. They are NOT ON OUR TEAM IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM. It’s Humans selling Humans to devil’s, that claim to be aliens, for profits of all kinds! WE ARE AT WAR PEOPLE! HUMANS (Jesus people) against Ha satan, Lucifer, high level demons, low-level demons, and Satan’s seeds (his children who are souless) BUT GOD IS I AM! And That is all…

  9. Maybe it’s me but I feel like Hasbro is reacting like someone trying to see what they could get away with and see if anyone would say anything, and when they did they’re like ooos, it was supposed to just be silly ?
    Blake Lively did a great speech about child sexual abuse and it basically boiled down to her telling what goes on – because since it happens to children, we owe it to them to then to hear what they’ve had to experience. It shook me to my core; it was beyond painful to hear and imagine. Plus I’ve heard stories from my mom who was a sexual assault survivor as a very very young child. It’s a sick world out there and to those wanting to believe it was “harmless” and that the “kids wouldn’t see it that way” – an adult can use it and be like “can you make the sound the dolly makes too?” And lead down a path… that’s where it’s really fucking dangerous. I know we all want to see the best in situations and people, but this is a pretty bold oversight for a children’s toy company to have, in my opinion. Sorry for the rant

  10. I don’t buy that they didn’t know that this was inappropriate. As well as them hiding it and not mentioning it on the box. There is no logical reason for that button or wear it is placed. For me this just confirms how big the pedophilia underground organization is a how far it reaches. Disgusting

  11. It’s a doll she doesn’t have privates. Where’s her underwear? Oh there are no privates to cover. Find a real issue to address to the world and do your own parenting. I never allowed my kids to have guns. I didn’t go into details, I just told them no. I hope you aren’t going to let a doll teach them about sexual abuse.

  12. Your being an over sensitive shrill. We all had toys growing up in the late 80s and early 90s with buttons in awkward spots. While i do agree the button placement could be better, saying it’s going to normalize bad touching is insane. If that’s the first thought that comes to your mind, than you got something clearly wrong with you. child services need to come check out your home!

  13. They didn’t know, my arse. They have a corporation full of pedo’s creating these things, knowing full well exactly what they’re doing. I call total bs

  14. Children are very impressionable and they use toys to learn about real life. Ask a result, this toy is in fact sending the wrong message. I would not want my child to have one.

  15. I will boycott Hasbro forever if they don’t recall this sex abuse toy. They should be sued for false advertising with intent to harm. Leaving out “private area” buttons is gross negligence and seems like an intention to harm. Was this info left out on purpose?

  16. There is a movement underway to include Peodophilia as a “disability” or even a “sexual preference”.
    The media celebrates emasculated young boys.
    As they prance for the dollars of grown men.
    They try to normalize Trans Story Time for kids.
    A Texas mother is forcing her son to be a girl.

  17. That’s what happens when companies are controlled by sexual degenerates. That “doll” is not cute, it is disgustingly ugly.

  18. Someone needs to seriously boycott Hasbro. Christmas is right around the corner. GOD will not be mocked and the things will become open to the light every time. Shame on you Hasbro for leading the public into something that is not wholesome for our children.

  19. Their defense is BS! The button has to be PRESSED to make the doll react. That simply cannot happen if she is just placed in the sitting position. Nice TRY, Hasbro. I’m horrified that anyone is buying their supposed “ignorance.”

  20. It’s a doll. People are finding something to be incorrect or offensive. If it is offensive to you, take it back. You are way overreacting and does not promote child trafficking or have any sounds that would mean anything to a child unless you are bringing them up that way.

  21. That’s probably the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard. Why would a toy (or heck, anyone) make that noise being seated? It’s completely unnecessary. You can’t tell me this was an accident.

  22. Why would you look there in the first place?!
    The statement released said it was supposed to be something it does when it sits. Of course it’ll sound wrong if you press it like that!

  23. They need more than moms on the board. They knew what they were doing. Each person that designed this and every person that said it was ok should get their backgrounds checked and their computer checked. Someone on that team is a pedophile.

  24. HASBRO needs to be sued or made to be paid big $$ for putting these dolls out there! what in the world were they thinking? Do the poeple making these obsene dols not have choldren of their own?

  25. I absolutely do not believe that it was there for sitting purposes. Just a way to try to cover up their pathetic display. Very disappointed and will do my best not to by Hasbro products in the future.

  26. Believe me this was intentional. They got caught. Some parents might think this is cute, especially if they are groomers. Parents beware.

  27. I don’t see any way that this button being placed where it is, and making the sounds that it makes, could’ve been done unintentionally. Progressives have been trying to “normalize” pedophilia recently and have even talked about lowering the age of consent too. At least to me, this is totally unacceptable.

  28. Didn’t think it through?! Are you kidding me? This was done on purpose. I will never buy another toy from Hasbro!! There is NO way this was an accident.

  29. “Sounds like Hasbro needs some moms on their team to avoid serious shit like this happening, to begin with.”

    Amen, sister!
    Thank you, Sarah!

  30. You need to find a hobby, people/kids would never relate the two unless you are a closet pedo yourself. Get a grip lady, good God. Your fake anger and need for attention is so transparent. Quit being a weirdo and seek a professional counselor for you obvious need for the spotlight. You are completely ridiculous and I would suspect lonely. It absolutely will not lead to kids thinking it’s ok for stranger’s or anyone to touch them.

  31. Looks more like her butt. Still not appropriate and why would this make any sense for Hasbro to do. Re do the doll along with the people responsible. Not listing an the box is creepy.

  32. Disgusted… “somebody didn’t think it through”’s ass… No one builds a doll like that with a button placed on it’s crotch accidentally… we all know that “mistake” would cost thousands of dollars for the company… I for one will never again purchase a Hasbro product. This is absolutely the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in a “toy” and how dare you try to insult a mother’s, grandmothers intelligence by acting as if it was a “mistake”. Shame on you all.

  33. This is so upsetting! I’m so glad that Hasbro is removing these inappropriate toys from the shelves! This world is so lost!

  34. That makes no sense on to why a doll would sit down and giggle gtfoh tall are lying no kid would of known that they would want to see what the button is dumb ass

  35. You would rather groom them for subservient communis? And the modern form of slavery?
    They won’t let me publish what I PERSONALLY think of you and your ideas. are you a pervert? To even think of that.

  36. I’m so glad u report this it’s absolutely was right thing to do society these days makes me sick from britney spears to miley cyrus to hannah Montana why is society so in a hurry for little girls to grow up why cant we all stay young and innocent why the slut fear and adult makeup it sickens me.

  37. If what Hasbro says about the doll being designed to react when seated, why isn’t it mentioned in the literature that comes with the doll?

  38. You are being too kind, Sarah Cottrell! I, on the other hand, do not for one second, believe that this was, “unintentional”. The disease of Pedophilia has pervaded into the mainstream culture and this toy is just the beginning. Hasbro shouldn’t only pull it but, seriously consider firing whoever designed it. This sort of “grooming” is NOT acceptable!!!

  39. what amazes me is that not one person in the creation, manufacturing, packaging, or distribution thought that this toy was inappropriate. Hasbro was deceiving by not putting the information about that function on the box. Apparently it is cheaper and easier to replace than to recall. How many of these dolls are in our country and in our children’s hands?They should be recalled.

  40. Good for you! I agree 100%. That is the no-no box not meant for giggles and gasps of children. Very inappropriate. Poor design.

  41. Are we going to ignore the fact that LOL dolls have genitals too that also work?! My daughter got one for Christmas and as she was changing the dolls clothes I noticed the GIRL doll had male genitalia!!!it was a girl doll with boy parts!! ? I threw that doll away. There’s a difference between helping kids understand the human body through toys (the wee wee dolls who pee and poo when you feed them, ya know?!). But these kinds of toys are NOT ok!! LOL Dolls didn’t advertise the genitals on the package and honestly I didn’t even know much about the dolls until my sister-in-law gave it to my daughter.

  42. I agree obvious and/or blatant sexually related features do not belong on children’s toys. However:
    1) It’s not Hasbro’s job to teach appropriate touching to a child, it’s the parent’s.
    2) It is NOT stated or implied anywhere, “Just like a real child, when someone touches the doll between her legs she expresses her happiness & delight!” or “Just like a child, this doll loves being touched between the legs!”
    3) I question the thoughts of a person who thinks this feature is sexual.
    4) I’m sure certain people could find sexual tendencies in most children toys. Who’s responsible, the manufacturer or the person who’s mind managed to determine the perverse conclusion?

  43. Hasbro knows that what they did was purposeful. You can’t tell me otherwise. A doll who “reacts” when sitting down, but the button still has to be touched to initiate it’s giggles, songs? Uh uh. Nope. I hope parents don’t fall for their pretend innocence.

    I will NEVER purchase a Hasbro product again…and I am sure my family won’t either.

  44. This absolutely sickens Me!! What a disgrace! How can the ppl who designed this along w the ppl who okayed the design think this was in any shape or form appropriate!!! u kno Damn well some of them have kids of their own! THEY R ALL GOING TO HELL! DISGUSTING!

  45. for those with no imagination that button is for when you sit the doll down..or when you have it fall on it’s butt and makes a “i am okay” noise…PRESSING it like she does makes me thing if she is the pervert..no one else..wtf People..wtf

  46. I don’t believe them when they say it was meant for when she was seated. YOU HAVE TO PUSH IT IN. WHY WOULD SHE GASP AND GIGGLE WHEN SHE SITS DOWN. I cannot fathom a more gross invention, and I will never shop from Hasbro again.

  47. I can understand why parents are finding it disturbing. But if you look at it the how the design was intended I think it was just a mistake. The button was not intended to be pressed by a finger. It was to activate a sound when the doll was sat down on her butt. Thats where the sounds make a little more sense. If you picture yourself plopping down in a comfy chair or falling on your bottom the ahhs and giggles are more appropriate. I agree that the design was not properly thought through and could definitely make parents more than a little uncomfortable. But I don’t think it was intentionally done for nefarious reasons. I mean they are a pretty big toy company. This could really hurt their profits and that is their #1 concern. It definitely needs to be recalled! No doubt about it.

  48. At first l thought this Mom was alittle over the top,but now l agree 100% that it is way inappropriate and disturbing. Take it off the shelves or redisign it.

  49. You can’t tell me that wasn’t done on purpose. Disgusting in every way. Pedophiles, no matter who they are, need to be sentenced to death. Stop this madness, please.

  50. All involved needs to be fired asap! This should not even left the drawing board! CEO needs to be fired now! With no pay after being fired. No excuse for this ever happening! Need to check the background of the employees involved with this insane idea!!

  51. If the inappropriate placement of the button bothers why did you get the toy in the first place? If it bothers that much you could either get rid of the doll or you could remove the button yourself and cover the hole with plastic filler. But we all know that people like you expect companies to babysit the child for you. It was your responsibility to inspect the toy but you shirked that responsibility. It’s not Hasbro’s fault that you’re stupid. Again you could get rid of the button located on the doll’s privates if it bothers you so much. Sheesh

  52. I’m calling bull shit on their story. You can’t convince me these people thought for one second that it would be OK to place the button there for when she was “seated.” If that’s the case, then why advertise on the box that the button is on her tummy?? It doesn’t make sense because they know ppl don’t pay that close attention and if the pedophiles of the world can get away with it, even for a little bit, you damn well know they will. This was a massive grooming campaign!! SICK!

    • This was deliberate! Pedophilia is a multi-billion dollar business and the average person doesn’t know how prevalent it is and how many rich and famous people are involved. It’s all about greed and power!

  53. OMG. That doll is beyond belief. We’re they considering a male doll with a penis? If you pull on the penis it makes moaning noises? That is a sneaky, immoral addition to a toy for young girls. The person who designed this should be charged. Hasbro- take it off the market.

  54. Maybe this doll can get parents to talk to their children about what is, and isn’t appropriate. Why the hell is everyone except the parents held responsible for their children learning? Quit bitching about stupid shit and be a parent! Teach your children instead of trying to shelter them and coddle them! I’m sure you’re thinking what I’m saying is at least difficult to hear, but more than likely you get angry about it. But YOU AS THE PARENTS ARE THE ONLY WAY TO PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN! It’s through teaching them morals and respect and what to look out for and what to avoid! It’s about taking the time to teach your children instead of spending that time making a video about an object that you find offensive! Too many people are offended by literally bullshit! The only way to stop this is by being parents and teaching your children instead of coddling them and trying to shelter them from every little thing!

    • I understand what you’re saying by parents teaching their children what is appropriate and what isn’t. However, with that being said, us as parents are NOT manufacturing these toys and we are NOT responsible for the marketing either. We literally are being bombarded by this crap and unless these toy manufacturers ARE held responsible, this is going to be a NEVERENDING BATTLE. Responsibility lies on BOTH sides. Parents need to teach and protect, toy companies need to quit hiring sexual predators for their R&D departments….once the trash is thrown out, call me crazy but the global economy will be doing SOOOO much better. RID THE WORLD OF THESE SCUMBAGS.

    • For God sakes Geo! We should be able to be comfortable in thinking an age appropriate TOY isn’t sexual!!! Of course it’s the parents job to teach right from wrong, inappropriate from appropriate, but are we supposed to be silent when we find something like this?? Silence is what’s wrong! If she didn’t bring this to our attention it could very well have aided in what we need to prevent — PEDOPHILIA!

    • And sometimes “bitching about stupid shit” IS “being a parent”. by the way your idea of stupid shit baffles me. Good day.

    • I agree TOTALLY. Its up to the parent(s) to ensure children understand right from wrong. Perhaps it should have been noted on the box BUT there will ALWAYS be a person somewhere who will take thi ngs out of proportion and demonize whatever they can.. Believe me WHO can stand the idea of a child being hurt in ANY way let alone this way however these people are overreacting. “Private areas/genitals” are only there on a DOLL if one WANTS/THINKS them to be there otherwise it amounts to nothing. Find a genuine reason to eradicate paedophiles and stop looking for things you will ALWAYS find.

    • I’m sure parents do!!! And your comments are wrong on every level, Geo!! You need to realize that was Just Wrong on every level!! Sounds like we have very concerned parents, which is a good thing…

    • What do you think the parents on here are complaining about. They ARE doing their job. They are making sure that the toys their kids are playing with are appropriate! Too much crap out there.

    • It should be up to the parents when and if they want to educate their children on something that is “supposed” to be private and personal. That talk shouldn’t be forced on a parent by a toy manufacturer.

    • Totally agree with Angry Mother. I feel that it was intentional. There are all kind of people in the world in the world and this is SICK! I wouldn’t buy another toy that Hasboro puts out. They had to know this!
      Parents do teach their children and I am sure they don’t need Hasboro to help. There are parents out there who pay no attention to this. The ones that are outraged are more than likely the ones who teach their children and do NOT need Hasboro help and I don’t believe this doll was designed to help parents teach their children about pedophilia. Just the opposite.

    • Geo, Protecting a CHILD from pedophiles is not coddling them. They are children and are easily manipulated, no matter how much you teach them.

  55. Geo must be on the assembly line at has to ! Amd obviously no parent ! If he is then I’d be worried about what goes on in his house . I’m sure he would love to have this doll so he could TEACH his kids about THINGS.

  56. Geo. Do you give a kid a gun and not expect them to be interested? Childhood is not the time to introduce sex play and foreplay. Let them have their innocence. There are many years before this should be a topic of discussion.

  57. GEEZE Geo!!… Whst kind of “toys” were your kids aloud to play with?…. I cant believe you dont see a concern here and how parents should always protect their children from any sexually exploitation out there ..whether it be an inappropriate toy ..or on-line perverts!! We can not turn a blind eye to this sort of thing ..its getting way out of hand!! Shame on you!!

  58. Well done for noticing and exposing this OBVIOUS GROOMING ATTEMPT…
    It’s equal to enticing a child with sweets or a cute puppy etc.
    I suggest a full investigation into the company, its CEO and board members etc.

    Somebody/somebodies are pedophiles in that company…
    Alert the police to this immediately…

  59. I don’t have kids but I agree with the Mom. This button on the private area is totally inappropriate. I think the designer needs to be thoroughly investigated for producing a grooming toy and shame on Hasbro trying to cover it up.

  60. You all are Paranoid fools.
    I’m not a pedophile ! Im a 55-year-old male heterosexual married for 34 years have 2 beautiful granddaughters . When I first seen the angry moms video I immediately thought the sound from the action (button on the bottom of the doll ) of sitting the doll down sounded Like a Giggly girl sitting down playing around (for those who thought anything else you’re sick son of a bitch especially the woman that made the damn video)Can’t believe how stupid People are when looking for some attention this woman is twisted this around to be some gross pedophile bullshit get a fucking life people you guys are idiots!!
    Keep your disgusting pedophile rude thoughts to yourself because the poor innocent kids just wanna play with the doll those thoughts would never cross their mind in any way shape or form you disgusting bitch

  61. That’s disgusting, the designer of this doll is obviously a very sick animal. This monster should be jailed or better hanged! And another thing I didnt know people sat on their private parts, dont people sit on their bottom? I believe our world is no longer safe for children anymore.

  62. Now I want one of these. (And yes I’m a mom, and 61 so very little phases me). As a child, I would have found this hysterical, and since I didn’t find my “button” until adolescence, I would never have made such a connection.

    • No child would be offended by it, pretty sure that’s the whole point. They put the button there so the child will enjoy it, laugh at it, think it’s funny. A child should not think its ok or funny to touch or be touched in the area between the legs (for the others on this thread who have a problem calling it the genitals just because trolls dont have genitals, for pete’s sake). Desensitization has been around forever, they just didnt use toys. They get the child used to the idea, they think its ok…funny, hysterical, as you say. They grow up to think that if ANYONE touches them there, it’s funny, hysterical, ok. Its strange to me that any of you think this is normal for a child’s toy. We ALL “made the connection” near adolescence. The children who play with these toys will not make the connection whilst playing with the toy either…thats the whole point here….to get them thinking that if SOMEONE ELSE touches them there, it should be funny or ok….the way it is when they themselves touch this particular doll in that spot, because they hear the doll laughing or cooing. The doll is not meant to OFFEND children. It’s meant to make them think inappropriate touching is ok. And if you think that doesn’t happen, read the therapist’s comments on this thread about when he or she treated sexually abused children. This is a real-world problem and we can laugh all we want to but children are suffering.

  63. No toy company would do that on purpose. But why didn’t they describe the sitting down button and it should be placed elsewhere. Weird

  64. Shaking my head, and rolling my eyes really hard! I find this highly offensive in two ways. ??

    1. That they actually thought it was okay to release something like this for kids.
    2. And, the really poor excuse that was given for releasing this piece of trash, and expecting us to believe it.

  65. All the people at HaSbro should be gone.
    HaSbro you are full of bullshit! Complete Bullshit!
    Everyone that let this doll go through and onto shelf. Loose your job. And be charged.
    It’s absolutely sick , that this doll got put on a shelf for children.
    And every person that stands and says , “oh my gosh this was a complete mistake”.

    You HaSbro people sit in a boardroom and discuss your new designs!
    They knew what they were doing!
    You are all sick in the head.

    Good for the ones that stand up for what is True and Noble.
    Thank goodness there are descent people bringing this into the light.
    Thank you!

  66. As a licensed professional counselor with a master’s degree in clinical psychology, I find this toy reprehensible and extremely dangerous to the welfare of young children! I am so thankful for it’s immediate removal. I have over 15 years of experience treating young children who have been sexually abused. Many of these children were groomed by pedophiles that wanted them to play a touching “game” with them in the genital area. They violated and raped these children who did not understand what was happening. Hasbro, SHAME on you! Someone needs to investigate this. Too many people were involved in this—design, design approval, production, etc. No one saw this???!!! Seriously?!!!

  67. Guess what, folks? Kids don’t need product designers to encourage their sexualized thoughts. What do you think these kids are doing the moment you’re not around? The same thing you did when you were a kid: hiking up their dresses, stripping their pants off and exploring. Good lord, chill, people. I was exposed to the same silly design flaws as a child and I didn’t become a perverse sexual freak. It’s YOUR job to help them develop normally, not Hasbro’s.

  68. This whole thing is disturbing but even more disturbing are these blithering idiots on here that are saying things like “troll dolls don’t have genitals, it is a cartoon, there are no underwear…” I’M SORRY, WHAT????? And then they’re asking if the parents who notice these things are the perverts for thinking this is inappropriate! That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard and a ridiculously POOR response to this issue! A troll in itself isn’t real, as someone pointed out (DUH!) but when you create a doll of any sort, in the image of a little human, no matter how you slice it, it has an area between the legs that is commonly known as the genital area. (Are you following me, Sparky? Or am I going too fast for you?) Children play with toys and see these toys as similar to their own selves. They aren’t smart enough to reason or to think “But its a TROLL, not a human.” These toys have 2 eyes, a nose, a mouth, two arms, a stomach, 2 legs and feet, hands and hair … they are clearly made to look like human children and children relate to them AS SUCH! When a little girl looks at that doll she is going to relate to it because it has the same type body as she has. And as such, she is going to associate the “between the legs” area on the doll, to her own “between the legs” area. And if you think otherwise, you are stupid. If you were to use your brain, you would realize that putting a button between the legs and letting a child press it, then child hears pleasing noises, laughing and cooing, they are going to associate that with… if anyone touches them in the same area, it’ll be OK because the little doll is laughing and having a good time so they are not going to think anything is wrong with it. This is not at all hard to understand and I do not know how this has to be explained to any adult! This is called desensitization! Look it up! All you idiots saying that trolls don’t have privates, OK well do trolls have a “between the legs” area then?? Yes, yes they absolutely DO! Nobody cares what you CALL it, the point is there is a button between the legs! This is common sense and again, shouldn’t even have to be explained but since there are so many of you on here that seem to like the phrase “trolls don’t have genitals”, you guys need a little extra coaching i guess! AND by the way! YOU are part of the problem! I still can’t even believe that any of that would require explanation to a reasonable, psychologically healthy human, ESPECIALLY A PARENT. No matter how you slice it, there should not be a button in that particular area, which makes any sort of noise but especially gasps, surprise noises and pleasure sounds! And don’t even bother to argue with me because that is exactly what those sounds are! And if you think that sounds sick, well good then you’re finally getting the point! It IS! And someone on here even said something about there was probably no other place to put the button… are you kidding me!? It could have been on the back, it could have been on the back of the neck, or on the arm, etc. Why did it need to be in between the legs? That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard. And yeah noises dont need to be made when it gets put in the sitting position. That was a lie and an excuse. They tried to pass this off to see if they could get away with it. It’s one of those “Ask for forgiveness, not permission” type deals. Besides, the button isn’t sticking out past the surface so when you set it down, the button would not be depressed because it’s surface level. You actually have to press the button IN for it to make the sounds. And again, if that sounds sick to you, congratulations again, Sparky, you’re gettin’ there! Wake up! There is no reason at all that that button should be in that spot. And I agree with the person on here that said something about, how did everyone involved in the making of this doll, from meetings to design, to wardrobe, to packaging, all the way down to production… how did no one think that would be inappropriate? I’m not buying that it was an accident and that it was meant to make noises when it sits down, and neither should YOU, that is a bold-faced lie! Apparently the bigwigs in Hasbro are a bunch of fricken sickos and yes, are trying to normalize this kind of thing! And if you think this doll is the only one thats inappropriate, you need to Google the “LOL” dolls! They have penises and testicles on their little boy dolls. And the little girl dolls when they are dipped in cold water, they have inappropriate “night wear” .. the kind you would see on a Hooker or at the very least, the kind you would expect to see on a woman who’s about to have a romantic evening! Definitely not something that you would see a little girl wearing! This is definitely a problem! And for the other idiot who said it’s not Hasbro’s job to make sure our children develop normally… well I would agree with you on that part… However, Hasbro (nor ANY toymaker) should not add to the problem by putting buttons and sexual noises and penises and testicles on dolls! Children are already inherently curious and yes, they already explore their bodies without any added help from their toys. Common sense, again. So to put these things on toys is completely unnecessary and completely inappropriate! Just because a child can go exploring on their own bodies and on other dolls that don’t have obvious genitalia on them, does not make it appropriate for the toymaker’s to put those things there! And it doesnt make it ok just because the child can do it on their own…are you insane? The fact still remains it shouldn’t be there, it serves absolutely no purpose at all except added stimuli! And I’m sorry but as a child, we were absolutely NOT exposed to these same type of design flaws as you say! That is another bold faced lie! We did not have those things and if we did, our parents would have thrown a fit too! And to the lady who said she had the doll that grew hair when you pushed a button, it is absolutely ludicrous to say that that button was between the legs, because it absolutely was not! I had the same doll or a similar one…that button was on the doll’s BACK (all of those dolls had the button on the back), so…another lie! Our young children are being targeted and you people are making excuses for it! You are in denial! And if any of you watched this video and are sloughing it off as an accident or saying people are just LOOKING for things to gripe about, then it begs the question, how did YOU get so desensitized to such inappropriate things of this nature? Not normal at all! AT ALL! Do some research, ask a professional, ask your friends, ask your grown children who have children of their own. I hope it wakes you up!


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