Woman Gets Stuck On Gym Equipment; Has To Call 911 In Hilarious Viral Video


Working out is good for the body and mind. It keeps our bodies healthy & fit and helps to reduce stress.

However, exercise is not without at least some element of risk.


There’s the chance that you could pull a muscle, throw out your back, or get trapped on a piece of gym equipment and have to call in a rescue squad for help.

And if I ever needed an excuse NOT to go to the gym, this is it.

In a hilarious cautionary tale of the hazards of working out a woman had to call 9-1-1 after she got stuck upside down on a piece of equipment at the gym.

Christine Faulds shared her fitness fiasco in a 3-part video series on TikTok where it has gone viral with millions of views.

Christine was working out at the Powerhouse Gym in Ohio at 3 am when the incident occurred.

She was in the midst of filming herself stretching her back on an inversion table when she suddenly realized she was stuck. Upside down.

woman stuck on inversion table

Numerous attempts to right herself were unsuccessful.

Being that it was 3 am and most people are firmly ensconced at home in their beds, the gym was nearly empty.

All her hopes for rescue lay in the hands of Jason, who was lifting weights in another room. 

Unfortunately, her pleas of “Hey Jasonnnnn!!” went unanswered. Poor Christine was left contemplating if this was how it all ends.

TikTok comment @cfaulds20

Thankfully for Christine, this was not the end. Luckily for her, while Jason may have been MIA, her Samsung Galaxy 4 watch had her back.

After hanging around for several minutes, she finally used it to call 9-1-1.

She captured the phone call in a now-viral video, captioning it:

“911, What’s the state of your emergency?” Well, I’m stuck…” 

First off, Christine apologizes to the dispatcher for not calling the non-emergency number but given her circumstances, she “couldn’t look it up.” 

Also, considering that she’s stuck – UPSIDE DOWN – we’re pretty sure this is, in fact, an emergency.

TikTok comment @cfaulds20

Christine tells the dispatcher:

“I wish there were more people at the gym right now but I got stuck in this reverse back decompression thing…I just can’t get anyone’s attention at the gym.”

Jason, dude, she’s talking about YOU.

She continues:

“I think the thing went too far and I’m just stuck upside down and I cannot get myself right side up and I just can’t…I can’t get back up. I’m trying to get my buddy’s attention but he’s in the other room lifting.”

TikTok comment @cfaulds20

Christine continues calmly talking to the dispatcher, telling her, “This is so embarrassing,” while all the blood in her body rushes to her head. And you really have to admire her stamina.


“911, What’s the state of your emergency?” Well, I’m stuck…? #gymfail #dispatch #dispatcher #911call #funny #failarmy #fail #stuck #police #help #workoutfail #gym #fitfam

? original sound – cfaulds20

After being trapped upside down on the machine for a whopping 12 minutes, help finally arrives (and no, it STILL isn’t Jason.)

The police officer couldn’t help laughing at Christine as he tilted her back up.

“Oh dear Lord my ankles are burning.”

Once she was right-side up, she quipped:

“Easiest Easiest rescue ever.”

As for Jason? He FINALLY showed up on the scene when the cop walked in and said, “We got a call that someone is stuck hanging upside down.”

Better late than never, Jason.

TikTok comment @cfaulds20

At least they didn’t send a whole fire crew… #stuck #gymfail #workoutfail #help #police #911 #monday #fitfam #fail #failarmy

? original sound – cfaulds20

After posting her rescue video on TikTok where it has been viewed over 7.5M times in just 3 days, commenters came out in droves to support her.

TikTok comment @cfaulds20

And to let her know she’s not alone. 

TikTok comment @cfaulds20
TikTok comment @cfaulds20

And while most were sympathetic to her plight, some couldn’t help crackin’ jokes.

TikTok comment @cfaulds20

As for how Christine’s feeling now? In a follow-up TikTok, she said she’s feeling okay although she’s still a bit fuzzy.

And while this would be enough to put an end to working out for even the bravest among us, Christine is still “hanging in there.”

She’s already hit up a HIIT class since the ordeal. Although she does tell CNN that she won’t be using the inversion table again without a buddy. Sounds like a good plan, Christine.

If you’re wondering why she would post something so embarrassing in the first place, Christine says:

“Sometimes you just need to laugh at yourself and “move on.” 

After all, it beats being stuck. Just ask Christine.

You can check out all of her videos on her TikTok channel @cfaulds20.



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