Instead of Netflix and Chill, SNL Skit Reminds Us That Most of Us Just Want A Murder Show


After a long, exhausting day of working, caring for our families and doing all.the.things, there’s nothing better than slipping into something more comfortable, sliding into bed, & catching up on the latest grisly true crime podcasts, am I right??


Many of us women are obsessed with true crime. We don’t know why. Yes, it’s unsettling. Yes, the details can be gory & bone-chilling. For some bizarre reason, catching up on real-life tales of murder & mayhem are one of the most popular ways to usher in an evening.

Guys, you have no idea how deep this gory rabbit-hole of blood, bones, & death goes. We’ve got Facebook groups. Netflix documentaries. YouTube communities. Reddit boards. Podcasts. The list is endless, and so are the true crimes.

We don’t even know why we love it. But we LOVE IT.

Saturday Night Live featured a clip about women and their passion for true crime that is not only hilarious, but accurate AF.

The clip, entitled “Murder Show” opens with a husband leaving to meet up with some friends. He asks his wife how she plans to spend her evening at home, & she tells him,

I don’t know- maybe just finish up work and relax.

Oh, sure, she’ll be finishing up some work, alright, but by “‘work” she actually means: trying to crack the case of America’s latest serial killer by binge-watching true crime YouTube.

(No judgement, my friend. I’ve been there. Still there every night after 11pm. Those cold cases won’t solve themselves, you know.)

Various female characters break into song, explaining how they plan to relax & unwind for the night…

…the only way they know how:

I’m gonna watch a Murder Show, Murder Show, I’m GONNA WATCH A MURDER SHOW!

Photo Credit: SNL (YouTube)

We want the DEETS, people. We want names. Autopsy reports. Interrogation interviews. Vivid crime scene descriptions. Give us the goods.

And for the record, there is nothing more exciting than finding a fellow mom-friend who’s equally invested in the same case you currently are. You’ve found your tribe, & you’re speaking the same language (i.e.”POI”, “discovery files”, etc.). It’s fun being part of a Dynamic Detective Duo!

Instead of Netflix and chill, SNL reminds us that most of us want Netflix-murder-talk-and-deep-thoughts-on-unspeakable-crimes.

And we can easily absorb all sorts of heinous bloody details while doing other things, because moms are good like that:

This guy got killed on a cruise in the Bahamas,

I’m gonna half-watch it while I fold my pajamas.

Photo Credit: SNL (YouTube)

Or if the laundry’s done, maybe it’s time for a snack & catching up on some severed limbs story:

Severed limbs found on a beach in Chula Vista,

but I just kind of stare while I eat a slice of pizza.

When it comes to down-time, we can turn down the volume on our true crime & still get the gritty gist while chatting with our friends & family:

A bodybuilder chopped up an old lady,

I watch it while I text my sister about her baby.

Photo Credit: SNL (YouTube)

These women can get their fill of true crime while they’re doing their taxes, Facetiming their moms, stalking their exes on Insta, or even on the toilet.

(Don’t judge- we’ve ALL done the device-scrolling while dropping a deuce.)

But it’s not enough to merely watch a few episodes of true crime on TV; as SNL points out, the REAL true crime lovers then do a deep dive on the case for hours after.


As soon as I’m done I listen to a podcast…

Photo Credit: SNL (YouTube)

about the same guy as the show I just watched.

TRUTH. Because once a true crime case sparks your interest, you fire up Google & get And if you’re a true addict, you somehow end up on Reddit boards devoted to that case:

‘Cause now I’m fully down the rabbit-hole!

Photo Credit: SNL (YouTube)

YEP. I’m still not convinced Chris Watts worked alone. I’m dying to know the identity of Delphi’s Bridge Guy. What was the deal with Steve Avery? Who took Madeleine McCann, & who killed JonBenét Ramsey?? Let’s crack these cases, Reddit crew!

The clip concludes with the husband returning from his night out to find his wife glued to her murder show. He knows all about her dirty little secret, but suggests that there’s something even better than murder shows…

Have you heard about… CULT SHOWS? Cult shows? Different kinds of cult shows?

Photo Credit: SNL (YouTube)

Granted, they don’t always lead to murder… but they can, and who doesn’t like to probe the details of a good cult now & then, am I right?

If you’re not into true crime, then you don’t know what you’re missing (well, you know you’re missing blood, violence, & gore, but still). And if you ARE into it -which many, many women are for some strange reason- then you will fully appreciate how Saturday Night Live NAILED exactly what our passion for our “murder shows” is like.

To view the clip in full, click the link below:


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