Strangers Write Notes For New Parents Of Adopted Baby & Throw Impromptu In-Flight Baby Shower


Becoming a parent isn’t always a straight path. Sometimes the road to parenthood doesn’t look anything like you thought it would, but when you do get there? And you welcome that new life into your heart and your home?

There is no greater reason to celebrate.


After 9 years of miscarriages, fertility treatments and finally a successful adoption, Dustin Moore and his wife, Caren, were on their way home at last, as a brand new family of three.

The couple recently boarded a SouthwestAir flight, from Colorado to California, with a very special bundle on board. Their 8-day-old adopted daughter.

For anyone who has flown with children, it can be a stressful experience with a side order of anxiety of fear. You worry about whether or not your baby will be okay. Will she sleep peacefully or scream bloody murder the entire flight?

Will your fellow passengers be empathetic? Or ready to throw you out of the plane at the first sign of trouble?

It’s nervewracking and overwhelming. But in this case? It turns out to be an experience that highlights the very best of humankind.

Dustin chose to share his flight story on Twitter, after having a particularly bad week.

He writes:

It’s been a difficult week. But, rather than publicly air my grievances, I’d like to share w/ you the kindness strangers offered us the day we brought our daughter home. I hope our story uplifts you, and reminds you there is goodness to be had in this world.

And there IS goodness. So.Much.Goodness.

While on the flight, the Moores met two flight attendants, Jenny and Bobby, who were about to celebrate this family in a unique and heartwarming way. After assisting the new parents with finding a quiet place to do a diaper change, Jenny asked what had “prompted a flight with such a young infant.” 

After sharing their adoption story with her and a fellow passenger, the Moores were then approached by another flight attendant, Bobby. He asked about their daughter and offered his congratulations.

A few minutes later, Bobby took to the airwaves announcing a special guest on the flight. Baby Moore. He said:

“She’s just been adopted by her parents Caren and Dustin, and is making her way home.”

But the story doesn’t end here. Grab some tissues. You’re going to need them.

Bobby then informed the passengers that they would be receiving pens and napkins for anyone who wanted to share a word of encouragement or advice to the new parents.

And the fellow travelers didn’t disappoint. Approximately 60 people shared their words of wisdom and positivity with the couple.

Jenny and Bobby read a few of their favorites over the intercom. 

Some of the words of advice included, “Make time for date night,” “Always tell her you love her,” and “Rub each other’s feet, and rub the baby’s feet.”

And one passenger? Had a special message about adoption.

“I was adopted 64 years ago. Thank you for giving this child a loving family to be part of. Us adopted kids need a little extra love. Congratulations.”

For the couple? The gesture meant so much more than mere words written on airplane napkins. It meant overwhelming support at a time when they were feeling their most vulnerable.

According to an interview with the Washington Post, the couple, who adopted their baby through an agency, were at the hospital in Colorado when the birth mother delivered. “The adoption process is stressful and worrisome,” Dustin Moore said, “Which made the celebration on the plane even more meaningful.”

They were two people, emotionally battered after the stress and uncertainty that can come with the adoption process and scared about the journey that they were embarking on.

These notes? Were a gift of love and support when they needed it most.

As for what prompted Jenny and Bobby to perform this act of kindness?

It turns out the two flight attendants are married and someone had done something similar on their honeymoon flight. They decided that this was the perfect time to pay it forward.

The Moores have since created a scrapbook of the notes they received. A testament to the kindness of the human spirit and a keepsake of the beginning of the greatest journey they will ever take in their lives – that of being parents.

Photo Credit: Twitter/theamericanrd

Dustin ends his twitter thread with the following words:

I hope you’ll take time to share what is good. In a world of turmoil, don’t forget to showcase the Bobby’s and Jenny’s, the kind strangers out there. And if they don’t cross your path, be one. Seek good, or create it.

The response to his post is a continuation of goodness and is full of other people sharing their own adoption path. From parents who have adopted themselves: 

To those who have been on the other side of adoption:

In a world where we are so often inundated by all that is wrong, it’s a wonderful reminder when we hear of a story about all that is right.


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