Mom Shares Brilliant Hack To Stop Kids Whining for Snacks All Day While We Try to Ration Food


I’m not sure where you are in this coronavirus nightmare but at our house we’re on day six of not leaving our house and let me tell you, things are getting pretty damn dicey – especially for the kids.

They absolutely will not STFU about snacks no matter how many times I explain that what we have for food is…well…what we have for food for the foreseeable future.


One mom has solved the problem of kids whining for snacks while we try to ration, and to her I say, “Dayum! That’s Brilliant!”

Jennifer Hallstrom posted a pretty simple but genius solution to the problem of kids’ bellyaching about endless snacks.

But not only that, she also solved the problem of how to get kids to stop using 700 cups a day because let’s get real; nobody wants to spend quarantine washing dishes. 

In her post that has been shared more than 109K times, Hallstrom shares an image of three colored baskets, blue, green, and red. In each basket are snacks and cups. And guess what?

That’s all her kids get for the entire day, so they better start learning how to ration their cravings. 

“I keep seeing these posts about kiddos wanting to eat all day while they are home,” she wrote in her post.

“This was my solution! Each child has their own colored basket. In the morning I put their snacks in it for the day, when those snacks are gone they don’t get any more. It makes them stop and think do I really need a snack? I also put their cup for the day in there because I’m not washing 50 cups a day! Hahaha!”

See? Brilliant. Not only do the kids get to have their own stash of snacks, but they get to decide when and how much they eat.

The added bonus of having only one cup to dirty in a day was what made my heart sing if I’m being honest. 

Some parents chimed in to say that whining and snacking isn’t a problem at their house (mmm, hmm, sure it’s not), and they offered up ways to be strict to avoid the snack battle with kids. 

One mom commented, “Good idea! We just have only ever had one snack time in the afternoon. They generally don’t even bother asking. In some cases being the mean mom really helps save my sanity??”

Others thought this was a brilliant idea and vowed to get started with this strategy right away. 

One mom wrote, “Nailed itttt!!! but the snacking problem at this house is cuz of me. So…. lmk when you find a solution to that!?” 

While the nation braces itself for the next twist in this coronavirus saga, many families are hunkering down and trying to figure out how to make what food they have on hand stretch as far as it can.

Given how scary it is to go into the public right now, many parents are having the “no, you can’t snack all flipping day!” argument with their kids.

With any luck, this sweet hack will help with that problem. 

I keep seeing these posts about kiddos wanting to eat all day while they are home. This was my solution! Each child has…

Posted by Jennifer Hallstrom on Tuesday, March 17, 2020


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