20 Coronavirus Tweets We All Need Right Now To Make Us Laugh (So We Don’t Cry).


Coronavirus is everywhere (again) – if not the virus itself, then the mention of it constantly on social media. The ramifications of the crisis seem to evolve daily, and you can’t go more than a few minutes without hearing the words, “coronavirus” or “Covid-19”.


With schools being closed for weeks, a sudden depletion of toilet paper, & a 24/7 news cycle popping up again about the illness, it’s obvious why people are understandably anxious & worried about the current state of events as the Delta variant sweeps through the nation.

But for some, it’s better to laugh than to cry- and there’s no better place to laugh than Twitter!

Here are the folks on Twitter to provide some moments of levity about the corona craze!

  1. The news updates us on all.things.corona. All day. Every day. 

2. If only we’d known those sanitizers would come in so… “hand-y”.

3. We’re all trying to keep our kids as germ-free as possible, but… KIDS.

4. Hey, whatever works, right?? 

5. Companies are now sending emails about their Covid-19 policies. ALL the companies.

6. Grocery stores have been packed with people buying up toilet paper, water, bread, and… salsa. Apparently. 

7. Remember the good old days when instead of stockpiling TP for a viral outbreak, we could stockpile it to TP the houses of our enemies? That was fun.

8. Of course, some people have been waiting for this moment. Creamed corn & French-cut green beans… this is your hour of glory!!

9. Employers have been encouraging people to work from home- some like it better than others.

10. The CDC has recommended social distancing as a way of isolating the virus; introverts have been practicing their entire lives for this!

11. …And then came the quarantines (sort of)….

12. Some couples are using this time of no sports/social distancing to get to know each other again:

13. And by “get to know each other”, I mean…. you know.

14. But for many people, the closing of the schools is frightening!

15. I mean, some kids are cool with just hanging out at home. 

16. On Day 1, that is.

17. Sure, we parents have good intentions to make use of the time off from school…

18. But the reality is: a lot of us feel unprepared to cover our kids’ school lessons.

19. Homeschooling might look less like school and more like:

20. So we’ll all just do the best we can. And that’s definitely enough!

Stay healthy & keep others healthy by washing your hands and practice social distancing. But spread the love & laughter, because those are the best kind of contagious!


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