18 Funny Parenting Tweets About Kids And Their Infinite Snacks


If you’re a parent, the word “snack” is likely one that you hear repeated ad nauseum in your home. Parenting can feel like it revolves constantly around snacks – ENDLESS REQUESTS FOR SNACKS, complaints about the “wrong” snacks, going to the store to replace instantly eaten snacks, and did I mention the seemingly endless requests for snacks?

The kids of these TWITTER PARENTS are snack grubbers, too; here are some hilarious tweets about kids and their infinite snacking.

  1. Good morning! Rise and shine… and snack. According to kids, anyway.

2. Snacking after meals is their endgame. Or, snacking after snack.

3. Or snacking BEFORE meals, because kids.

4. Sometimes kids will skip a meal in favor of a snack… or try to.

5. Then there are the pre-bedtime snacks. (Or not.)

6. And let’s not forget the car snacks (Is that a thing? When did that become a thing?).

7. In fact, anytime seems like a good time for snacks to kids.

8. No, seriously- ANY TIME.

9. Even the call of nature will not separate a kid from their beloved snacking.

10. And YOUR call of nature won’t stop them, either.

11. In fact, nothing you’re doing will stop a kid’s need for snack. Nothing.

12. Even hearing the word “snack” sucks the life out of us parents.

13. And they make their snack requests known LOUDLY.

14. We imagine a blissful, snack-free existence…

15. And try to get a break from the snack insanity- any way we can.

16. But regardless of how we feel, kids will still ask. And ask.

17. (YOU. Your spouse may be present, but they’ll still ask YOU.)

18. But let’s face it, they must get their love of snack from somewhere. (Us. It’s us.)

Fighting the snack requests might be a LOSING BATTLE, but at least the snacks are delicious. They’re even tastier when eaten after the kids are in bed…







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