16 Tweets That Show The Struggle To Look Alive When You Have Kids


Parenting is often full of blood, sweat, tears… and dry shampoo. Or no shampoo at all. While in the throes of raising tiny humans, maintaining your personal appearance can dwindle at the bottom of the priority list.

Parenting -while being the hardest job we’ll ever love- can be exhausting, and that exhaustion can often be seen all over our faces (and bodies)… LITERALLY.

These folks on Twitter are keeping it hilariously real about the physical toll that parenting takes.

  1. The fatigue starts early (and so does the next day when you haven’t slept).

2. Your loved ones can see how tired you are. And tell you.

3. In fact, tired is your new “look”. And it’s permanent.

4. You’d pay good money for a decent night’s sleep. And some undereye cream.

5. In fact, you’ll try any product to “hide the tired”. Seriously.

6. Daily showers, once a necessity, are now optional. Or obsolete.

7. Less hair appointments, more dry shampoo.

8. Apparently you NEED to get your hair cut more often, though… thanks, kid.

9. You want to stay looking young & fresh, but KIDS.

10. Parenting increases wrinkles. It’s a scientific fact (If not it SHOULD be).

11. Kids notice every little thing, and point it out. Always.

12. They still think you’re beautiful, Mom… sort of.

13. Trying to stay in shape can be challenging. So can the spectators.

14. Not much time to work out as a parent, but still feeling the burn…

15. Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them- oh. Never mind.

16. But hey, parents, we all look awesome… especially on the internet!

The struggle is real, but so are our bodies, wrinkles, messy hair, and all. So, I say – Work it!


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