Comedian’s Viral Video Nails Exactly What Shopping With TikTok-Obsessed Teens Is Like


If you’re the parent of a tween or a teen, then you’ve likely familiar with TikTok. Not that you HAVE the app yourself, of course, because I’m fairly certain that if you’re over the age of 30, you just don’t get it.


TikTok is basically the app equivalent of a cool, teen clubhouse where the members have their own inside jokes and secret handshakes.

Oh sure, you’ll try and join them and be the cool parent that can hang with the youngins, but you won’t last long.

The teens will gaze upon you with a mixture of disgust and pity… the same way they do when they hand you their phone to show you a TikTok clip that they think is hilarious, and you don’t laugh because, well, you don’t GET IT. 

I was relieved to find out, however, that TikTok is responsible for my daughter’s seemingly constant & impulsive hand motions. Instead of it being the neurological illness Web MD ominously hinted that it was, it turns out she’s just dancing, apparently.

And they’re ALL doing it. All the time. 

Comedian Mario Ramil created a video depicting what every TikTok-obsessed teen is like out in public, and it’s gone viral because it’s hilariously accurate.

The clip opens with “teen” Mario, likely dragged along unwillingly on a shopping expedition with his parents. He’s bored and impatient, demanding, “Can we GO?”

But in the midst of his boredom, he can still throw down some lightning-quick moves from popular TikTok trends… 

…in every aisle of the store.


Posted by Mario Ramil comedy on Wednesday, February 19, 2020


What may appear to be a concerning medical trend in the youth community is actually just a series of rapid-fire dance moves, compliments of TikTok. 

And that revelation may have just saved you a chunk of change in medical co-pays for comprehensive neurological testing. You’re welcome.

The hand motions and swaying are all parts of several popular TikTok dance trends. The first few seconds of Mario’s video? That’s the “Renegade”.

If you didn’t know what the Renegade is, don’t fret. Here’s a tutorial to get you up to speed:

(Please Note: If you need to watch the tutorial to learn it, you’re too old to be doing it.)

Just like we can thank Fortnite for encouraging an entire generation of kids to… floss (and sadly no, not their teeth!), TikTok has unique dance moves that kids can learn to replicate not just in their own TikTok videos, but:

  • at the dinner table. 
  • while arguing with their mother. (Yes, teens can rant about the unfair burden of chores while simultaneously busting out some Renegade moves. Trust me; I’ve seen it.)
  • in large groups of friends. They all know the moves & perform them together, like a school of fish swimming in unison… but far screechier. 
  • anywhere, anytime, for no apparent reason at all.

Mario’s depiction of the typical TikTok-loving teen is amusing, but it’s earned over 40K likes & 119K shares because it’s also accurate AF.

Parents everywhere have expressed relief that no, it’s not just their own child doing bizarre things in public:

I’ll admit I’ve never seen a flossing dance battle. Nor am I sure that I ever want to.

Stop it, TikTok teens. You’re scaring the old folks.

It would look a lot more normal if there was actual, you know, music playing. Not just in your head, but for the rest of us, too.

They ARE rather zombie-like, aren’t they? I’ve seen The Walking Dead; I know where this is going.

Sorry, lady- your oldest is definitely broken. But all of our Tik Tok teens are broken, too.

High school teachers deserve big, fat pay raises. Just saying…

Same, girl. SAME.

Thanks, Mario, for getting inside the brain of a TikTok-loving teen. None of us had your courage, my man.

While we may not ever “get” the whole TikTok dance craze, at least we parents know it’s not just OUR kid randomly busting out moves in the aisles of Target. Or at home. Or at school, the library, on the soccer field….





  1. This!!!! Yes!! My oldest has literally gone into and aisle at the store, propped her phone up and makes Tik Toks with friends??If I had asked her to stop in a aisle and dance she’d look at me like I have 3 heads ???


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