5 Questions I Redirect With "Go Ask Your Father"


Having three kids under the age of 9 can be exhausting. Let’s be honest, most days I look like a character out of the Walking Dead. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who is my perfect parenting partner. My kids can be very demanding and when they come calling with certain requests, I simply say “Go ask your Father.”  Here is a list of 5 questions that are automatically redirected to Dad.

1. Can you build me a fort? My husband is a serious wanna-be architect. Anytime the kids ask for a fort, Dad is the man with a plan. I have walked into a living room that rivals the catacombs of Paris. He is always up for a fort building challenge.

2. Can we play Batman? Superheroes are no match for my man. Daddy will play Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, or any combination of the Marvel men that make you gasp. My boys love to have Superhero inspired dodgeball events in my living room, and Daddy is usually the culprit who started the match.

3. Can we go fishing? We live on a lake with tons of fish and creepy crawlies. I love to sit and fish with the kids, but only if Daddy is with us. Mommy doesn’t like to bait the hook with the squirmy wormy.

4. Can we watch Star Wars?My kids love action and adventure movies. However, I am no Star Wars fanatic. If the kids want to know what episode Yoda makes an appearance, they will need to ask Storm Trooper number 1. Daddy is also always up for a light saber dual, or Chewbacca tickle party.

5. Can we have dessert? By the time dinner is done and the dishes are put away, I am ready to hit the couch for some peace and quiet. Daddy deals in “dessert duty” at our house. Who wouldn’t love a popsicle, or bowl of cookie dough custard?

So for all the Fathers out who take off the training wheels, spool the fishing line, coach the little league teams, our hats go off to you. Happy fathers day from our family to yours.


  1. Ah. I want to build an amazing blanket fort! Maybe I should have children. Then I’d have an excuse… Except this seems like maybe not the best reason to have kids just yet.


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