New Study Tries To Figure Out Where In The Female Brain Are The Clitoris Controls; Science Still Mystified


You have to be entirely out of touch (lol, no pun intended) to turn to science to figure out how a clit works instead of just asking a person with a clit. If you poach the egg, it will likely want to get poached regularly.

But I guess you have to find it first?


A new study published in the Journal of Neuroscience is getting attention after it dared to figure out where inside the female brain are the controls for the clitoris.

They wanted specifically to see what would happen during stimulation.

*Cue Anita Ward belting out Ring My Beeellllllll Ring My Bellll!* 

My first question, if I’m being totally honest, is how exactly did they ask for volunteers for this study? Like, what did they promise to entice them? 

Regardless, researchers ended up with 20 women that were willing to be dutiful subjects.  If they had said to me, “Listen. We want to watch and figure out what an orgasm looks like in your brain. We’ll supply endless episodes of Outlander, a brand new Magic Wand, and plenty of White Claw and Uber Eats to make this totally worth your time. You in?” 

I would have been totally in.

So, researchers stimulated the clits of 20 volunteers while simultaneously scanning their brains using a functional magnetic resonance imaging machine (fMRI).

Do you know what these learned people of science got out of this?

That when you make the kitten purr, it learns to want to purr more. To which every clit-owning person that ever tickled their whisker biscuit just collective said, “no shit.”

The study is part of a larger question, though, to figure out what happens in the brain when a person experiences an orgasm.

Researchers are trying to better understand pathological conditions such as sexual dysfunction, sexual deviation, or sexual risk-taking behaviors. 

There is no official word that I could find that researchers are conducting similar studies on male brains.

But this study does bring to mind a longstanding attitude in science that posits that women’s ability to have an orgasm is useless and probably a wonky bi-product of evolution.

And, we’re pretty sure a man decided that. 

For a long time, researchers thought (and some still think) that the female orgasm has the sole purpose of pleasure and nothing more.

But we know that the female orgasm has plenty of functions, one of which is that the orgasm may assist in helping a woman become pregnant.

I guess when you look at women and think of them as nothing more than incubators for reproduction, you might not care much about how a clit works — or hell, where it’s even located. 

For too long, men have misunderstood, or simply didn’t care enough to understand, the female anatomy. *cue eyerolls*

To illustrate my point, look no further than TikTok.

There is currently a viral and ongoing compilation of men hilariously dragging other men who incorrectly mansplain what a clitoris even is. At least some men know how to poke fun at their own gender. 


@adamosity1 and many more #cummilus #clouds #soundslike #ww3

? original sound – Wingzero7X

In the video, a series of men who clearly have a great sense of humor, drag each other over what they think a clitoris is.

It starts with a woman asking why in America so people use Ferinheit and not Clitoris?

No one knows for sure if her intent is to make fun of men, but thank goodness for TikTok’s cheeky attitude about this kind of thing because the response has been…WOW.

“Now, Sweetheart, I don’t want to give you misinformation,” says one user whose name we cannot find because the video has been stitched so many times.

“but I think clitoris is that little bald-headed baby on PBS.”

Not to be out mansplained, the next TikTok user stitches to add,

“You talkin’ about that kid Caillou. The clitoris is that one day on December 25th you give each other gifts and you celebrate the birth of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Holy hell, it gets better, y’all.

The next TikTok user who stitches the mansplain chain adds,

“You’re thinking of Christmas. Yeah, no. The clitoris is that math subject we had to take in high school.”

I could go on quoting this hilarious video, but instead, you should be focused on the insanely funny comments that sum up exactly how we all feel about how dumb men are when it comes to the clit. Y’all.

Tinder even chimed in. 

YurMajestyG_D said what we’re all thinking, “YALL AINT NEVER GON FIND IT” and yeah. Hard agree, lol. 

TikTok user ScarlyJones knows what’s up,

Thank goodness for Jengophet who clarified for everyone

The woman who started this whole drag even commented. 

Cecily wrote, “what did I even start? I didn’t even know this was happening.”

If you want to see more of this video chain, it has purportedly grown and you can hunt it down on TikTok.

And if you want to find a clitoris, literally just ask your clit-owning person.

They will likely be happy you did and may even give you instructions on what to do with it until science figures it out. 

You’re welcome. 




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